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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Phillotson do when he hears of Sue's troubles back at Melchester?
(a) Decides never to talk to Sue again.
(b) Orders Sue to return home at once.
(c) Goes to the town and seeks out Jude.
(d) Ignores it.

2. What does Jude confess to Sue after the funeral of Jude's aunt?
(a) That although they had their problems, he really loved her.
(b) That he is going to inherit a lot of money.
(c) That he wishes Sue had not married Mr. Phillotson.
(d) That he never liked her anyway.

3. Why does Sue write to Jude and ask her not to come see her anymore in Shaston?
(a) Because Mr. Phillotson will get too mad.
(b) Because his drinking is really getting to be a problem.
(c) Because he is too ugly for her tastes.
(d) Because it is too difficult for her.

4. Why won't Sue run away with Jude, even though the have both remarried their old spouses?
(a) Because she thinks she is being punished for breaking her vows the first time.
(b) Because she really likes her marriage now with Mr. Phillotson.
(c) Because she is no longer in love with him.
(d) Because Jude is no longer in love with her.

5. How does Young Jude die?
(a) He shoots himself.
(b) He hangs himself.
(c) He stabs himself.
(d) Someone stabs him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Arabella turn to after her husband dies?

2. Where is Mr. Phillotson working when Arabella picks him up on the side of the road?

3. What interest does Mr. Phillotson take up while Sue is in Melchester?

4. Why do Jude and Sue sell their furniture?

5. What kind of potion does Arabella seek after seeing Jude, Sue, and little Jude at a fair?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jude accuse Sue of after he plays the piano for her in the schoolhouse?

2. Why is Mr. Phillotson distracted with anticipation about Sue during her time in Melchester?

3. Why does Arabella go see Mr. Phillotson after the death of Sue and Jude's children?

4. What happens when Arabella comes to Jude, asking for lodging, shortly after he and Sue have separated?

5. What advice about getting married does Arabella give Sue when Sue comes to the hotel to check on Arabella?

6. What causes Jude to think that it is time to leave Melchester?

7. How does Mr. Phillotson react when Sue asks him if he would consider allowing her to leave the marriage and live with Jude?

8. Why is Mr. Phillotson able to return to teaching at Marygreen?

9. Why does Sue try to keep Jude quiet as he gives a spontaneous speech to the crowd on Remembrance Day?

10. After talking to Arabella, what excuse does Sue have for not wanting to get married at that time?

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