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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is little Jude teased at school?
(a) Because he is very, very tall.
(b) Because his parents aren't married.
(c) Because he only speaks Spanish.
(d) Because he is too old for his grade.

2. What animal gets caught in a trap the night after Jude's aunt's funeral?
(a) A rabbit.
(b) A coyote.
(c) A mouse.
(d) A snake.

3. When did Arabella give birth to Jude's child?
(a) Two months after leaving their marriage.
(b) Eight months after leaving their marriage.
(c) Ten months after leaving their marriage.
(d) One year after leaving their marriage.

4. What does Jude want Sue and the children to see on Remembrance Day?
(a) The flyover by military planes.
(b) The parade of artists that have come to town.
(c) His parents' gravestones.
(d) The arrival of the new bishops.

5. How does Young Jude die?
(a) He stabs himself.
(b) He shoots himself.
(c) He hangs himself.
(d) Someone stabs him.

6. What do Jude and Sue think they should do before Jude's child arrives?
(a) Get divorced.
(b) Get married.
(c) Take one last vacation.
(d) Stop arguing so much.

7. What is Remembrance Day?
(a) A day of celebration and ceremony.
(b) A day to remember what you are grateful for.
(c) A day to remember those who died from the Black Plague.
(d) A day to remember parents who have passed away.

8. What job does Jude have when he learns his and Sue's divorces have gone through?
(a) As a baker.
(b) As a tombstone maker.
(c) As a schoolteacher.
(d) As a priest.

9. With whose name do Jude and Sue decide to get his son christened with?
(a) Arabella's father's.
(b) Arabella.
(c) Jude's father's.
(d) Jude's.

10. What does Arabella do when Dr. Vilbert arrives one day to check on Jude?
(a) Poison Dr. Vilbert's coffee.
(b) Accuses him of poisoning Jude.
(c) Comes on to him.
(d) Pretend to be sick herself so she gets more attention.

11. Why do Jude and Arabella take a train to Aldbrickham?
(a) So they can steal and get away with it.
(b) So they can reignite their romance.
(c) So they can talk without being overheard.
(d) So they can run away from people who judge them.

12. What is the topic of the speech that Jude makes to a crowd on Remembrance Day?
(a) How education should be limited only to the wealthy.
(b) How much he loves Sue.
(c) How divorce shouldn't have the stigma it does.
(d) How education should be available to everyone.

13. What does Arabella plan to do until Jude agrees to marry her again?
(a) Make problems for him.
(b) Accuse him of being untrustworthy.
(c) Keep him drunk.
(d) Torture him with stories about how happy Sue is with Mr. Phillotson.

14. What does Jude insist he and Sue do before going to retrieve the children from their temporary overnight lodgings?
(a) Get married.
(b) Promise never to spend the night apart again.
(c) Find a new place for everyone to stay.
(d) Have breakfast together.

15. Who does Arabella go to for a potion?
(a) Jude's aunt.
(b) Sue.
(c) Mr. Phillotson.
(d) Dr. Vilbert.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the baby Sue is pregnant with when her other children die?

2. Why does Sue write to Jude and ask her not to come see her anymore in Shaston?

3. Why won't Sue run away with Jude, even though the have both remarried their old spouses?

4. Why is it so difficult for Sue and Jude to find lodging on Remembrance Day?

5. Why does Jude decide to remarry Arabella?

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