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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jude do the night of his and Arabella's first big fight?
(a) Get drunk and get married to someone else.
(b) Profess his love for Annette.
(c) Go to a pub and have a few drinks.
(d) Come home and kick her out of the house.

2. How do the students respond to Sue's punishment for her absence from the school?
(a) They don't care one way or the other.
(b) They protest it.
(c) They think it is too lenient.
(d) They write letters to the governor.

3. What wicked way does Arabella plan to make Jude marry her?
(a) By posing as a very rich woman.
(b) By getting pregnant.
(c) By saying she'll kill herself if he wont' do it.
(d) By poisoning him.

4. What does Jude do during his first day in Chrisminster?
(a) Get arrested for being a vagrant.
(b) Get drunk.
(c) Look at the churches and colleges in the city.
(d) Find a job and a place to live; he is very responsible.

5. What was the final thing that pushed Jude to go to Christminster?
(a) A picture of his beautiful cousin.
(b) His completion of his degree program.
(c) The death of his beloved pet dog.
(d) A fire in his aunt's bakery.

6. What impressive feat does Jude do at a bar to impress his fellow masons?
(a) Show his amazing math skills.
(b) Recite Shakespeare from memory.
(c) List off the alphabets of 10 languages.
(d) Recite the Creed in Latin.

7. What job does Mr. Phillotson have when he is first introduced into the text?
(a) Mayor.
(b) Banker.
(c) Butcher.
(d) Schoolmaster.

8. What does Jude as Dr. Vilbert to help him learn?
(a) Both of these answers are correct.
(b) Greek.
(c) None of these answers are correct.
(d) Latin.

9. What job does Jude take after he is fired from his first one?
(a) Working as a petty theft.
(b) Working in his aunt's bakery.
(c) Working as a hired hand to help pick crops.
(d) Working as a model for the painters in town.

10. Why is Jude forced to live with his aunt?
(a) Because he likes her better.
(b) Because he is orphaned.
(c) Because his parents couldn't afford him anymore.
(d) Because he ran away.

11. What kind of job does Sue have when Jude finds her?
(a) She makes religious art.
(b) She is a baker.
(c) She is a schoolteacher.
(d) She is a model for the town's artists.

12. What is Sue's last name?
(a) Addinson.
(b) Bighamton.
(c) Addams.
(d) Bridehead.

13. How is Arabella described when she is first introduced in the novel?
(a) As ugly and mean.
(b) As very kind but not very smart.
(c) As young and pretty.
(d) As incredibly smart but shy.

14. Where does Jude see Sue for the second time?
(a) In the ballyard.
(b) In the shipyard.
(c) In the stoneyard.
(d) In the graveyard.

15. What job does Sue take that keeps her close to Jude?
(a) A librarian.
(b) A dancer.
(c) A pupil-teacher.
(d) A painter.

Short Answer Questions

1. When is Jude going to school when the novel first begins?

2. How does Sue let Jude know that she knows he loves her?

3. Where does the novel first take place when it begins?

4. How does Jude learn about the stone-master he approaches in Christminster?

5. What upsetting gesture does Jude see between Mr. Phillotson and Sue shortly after they meet?

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