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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Sue end up moving shortly after meeting Jude?
(a) Lumsdon.
(b) Lumsborough.
(c) Lumsox.
(d) London.

2. Where does the novel first take place when it begins?
(a) Paris.
(b) London.
(c) Marygreen.
(d) Christminster.

3. What kind of job does Sue have when Jude finds her?
(a) She is a baker.
(b) She is a schoolteacher.
(c) She makes religious art.
(d) She is a model for the town's artists.

4. What does Sue buy statues of one day?
(a) Venus.
(b) Apollo.
(c) Venus and Apollo.
(d) Aphrodite.

5. Where does Sue leave a note for Jude before they officially meet each other?
(a) In his lunchbox.
(b) At his office.
(c) At his home.
(d) With his aunt.

6. What impressive feat does Jude do at a bar to impress his fellow masons?
(a) List off the alphabets of 10 languages.
(b) Recite Shakespeare from memory.
(c) Show his amazing math skills.
(d) Recite the Creed in Latin.

7. How does Sue react to Jude's declaration that he wants to be a priest?
(a) She is sad because she knows priests can't be married.
(b) She is angry because it means he won't be rich.
(c) They argue.
(d) She is so proud of him.

8. How does Arabella first get Jude's attention?
(a) She whistles at him.
(b) She throws pig entrails on him.
(c) She grabs him and starts dancing at a festival.
(d) She brings him water in the fields.

9. How does Sue respond when Jude asks if there is any romance between her and Mr. Phillotson?
(a) She admits that it's true.
(b) She doesn't really give a clear answer.
(c) She denies it.
(d) She starts to deny it, feels bad, and then comes clean.

10. What religious location does Jude go to to see Sue before he actually talks to her?
(a) The church Sunday school.
(b) The Church prison.
(c) A nunnery.
(d) Church.

11. What causes Jude to be fired from his first job as a youth?
(a) He is caught feeding the birds he is supposed to scare away.
(b) He gets into too much trouble nearly every day.
(c) He steals a customer's shoes.
(d) He plays with other kids instead of trying to beg for food and money.

12. What does Jude do to Arabella that causes her to claim he is abusive?
(a) Accidentally trip her.
(b) Purposefully trip her.
(c) Accidentally pull her fake hair out of its braid.
(d) Purposefull pull her fake hair out of its braid.

13. What does Jude do in secret while driving his aunt's delivery cart?
(a) Read books.
(b) Delivery messages for people dating in secret.
(c) Steal money.
(d) Eat the baked goods.

14. What does Arabella do with all of the things Jude gives her after she leaves him?
(a) Burn them in the town square.
(b) Clean them off and secretly put them back in their house.
(c) Sell them to a broker.
(d) Chop them up in a fit of rage.

15. What does Jude's aunt tell him about Sue during his first visit to see her after he moves to Christminster?
(a) That she is not really his cousin.
(b) That she is really his sister.
(c) That she is lying and not really who she says she is.
(d) That she will only bring trouble.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jude decide he ultimately wants to go to Christminster?

2. How long after his marriage to Arabella does Jude finally arrive in Christminster?

3. What does Jude do during his first day in Chrisminster?

4. Why does Jude not approach Sue when he first sees her?

5. When do Jude and Sue return to Melchester after their trip out of town to see a museum?

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