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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Fourth, At Shaston: Chapters 1-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of job does Sue have when Jude finds her?
(a) She is a model for the town's artists.
(b) She is a schoolteacher.
(c) She is a baker.
(d) She makes religious art.

2. What happens to Sue immediately upon her return to Melchester?
(a) She is sent into isolation.
(b) She is kicked out of the school.
(c) She is asked all the details about what happened by her friends.
(d) She is sad because no one even knew she was missing.

3. Where do Jude and his aunt live when he is young?
(a) In the bakery.
(b) In the backhouse of someone's farm.
(c) They drift from place to place.
(d) In the church basement.

4. What relationship do Sue and Mr. Phillotson have at first?
(a) Father and daughter.
(b) Equal colleagues.
(c) They have no relationship, because they hate each other so much.
(d) Employee and employer.

5. Where do Jude and Arabella first meet alone?
(a) At her home.
(b) At his aunt's bakery.
(c) Behind his favorite barn.
(d) On a small bridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What pictures does Sue have on her dressing table in Melchester?

2. How many letters does Jude write to the headmasters of the Christminster universities?

3. What advice does Arabella ask he friends for after she first starts hanging out with Jude?

4. What can Jude see from the roof of the old barn?

5. What wedding gift does Jude buy Sue?

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