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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Second, At Christminster: Chapters 4-7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sue's last name?
(a) Addams.
(b) Bridehead.
(c) Bighamton.
(d) Addinson.

2. What is Jude's first job when he is younger?
(a) To simply stay out of trouble.
(b) To beg for food and money.
(c) To shine shoes.
(d) To scare away the birds from a farmer's field.

3. Where does Arabella want to go after she leaves Jude?
(a) To America.
(b) To France.
(c) To Australia.
(d) To Michigan.

4. What in particular appeals to Jude about Christminster?
(a) He just wants to go there to start his life over.
(b) It is supposed to be architecturally beautiful.
(c) There are a lot of pretty girls there.
(d) There are many universities there.

5. What advice does Jude receive in response to his letters to the headmasters of the Christminster universities?
(a) He actually never receives any replies.
(b) That he can attend free of charge.
(c) That he not aspire to an education.
(d) That he can enroll next semester as long as he has the funds.

Short Answer Questions

1. During their first outing together, what comment does Arabella make about the beer?

2. How is Arabella described when she is first introduced in the novel?

3. What job does Jude take after working at his aunt's bakery?

4. Why does Jude decide he ultimately wants to go to Christminster?

5. What job does Sue take that keeps her close to Jude?

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