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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Fifth, At Aldbrickham and Elsewhere: Chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Sue and Mr. Phillotson take schoolchildren on a field trip?
(a) To see a model of Jerusalem.
(b) To the city park.
(c) To the oldest church in town.
(d) To a movie.

2. What advice does Arabella ask he friends for after she first starts hanging out with Jude?
(a) How to find out more about his family.
(b) How to poison him.
(c) How to get Jude to marry her.
(d) How to see if he is dating anyone else.

3. Why is Jude asked to leave his job at the church?
(a) Because of the rumors that he is living in sin (not married).
(b) Because he interrupts the preacher so much during sermons.
(c) Because his drinking is starting to be a problem.
(d) Because he is caught stealing from the coffers.

4. Where does Jude go after his first main fight with Arabella?
(a) To his aunt's house.
(b) To Mr. Phillotson's house.
(c) To the top of the barn he loves so much.
(d) To church.

5. How does Sue react to Jude's declaration that he wants to be a priest?
(a) She is sad because she knows priests can't be married.
(b) She is angry because it means he won't be rich.
(c) She is so proud of him.
(d) They argue.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who puts the trapped animal out of its misery (the night of Jude's aunt's funeral)?

2. Why does Jude not approach Sue when he first sees her?

3. What does Jude as Dr. Vilbert to help him learn?

4. Who asks Jude to stay away from his cousin?

5. During their first outing together, what comment does Arabella make about the beer?

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