Jude the Obscure Character Descriptions

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Jude Fawley - This character is a young orphan who has recently come to Marygreen to live with his aunt when the novel begins. He focuses on his future with the hopes of one day gaining an education

Arabella Donn Fawley Cartlett - This character is the daughter of a pig farmer. She convinces another character that she is pregnant, tricking him into marrying her.

Sue Bridehead Phillotson - This character marries a schoolmaster even though she is in love with her cousin. By the end of the novel, she turns to religion for solace as she tries to deal with the deaths of her children.

Mr. Richard Phillotson - This character is the schoolmaster at Marygreen when the novel begins. He tells another character that the measure of a man is his level of education.

Drusilla Fawley - Another character's elderly aunt, this person is a...

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