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Lesson 1 (from Grasshoppers and Water Striders)


Grasshoppers and Water Striders describes the actions and behaviors of grasshoppers and water striders and contains the first two poems in the book. This lesson will discuss "Joyful Noise" and what the poet's purpose might be.


1) Class Discussion: What is the note given by the poet at the prior to the first poem. What is the purpose of this note?

2) Small Group Activity: Why might the poet have chosen to have two speakers? How might having two speakers affect the poems?

3) Class Discussion: Discuss the students' responses. What other styles of poetry exist?

4) Individual Activity: Research a style of poetry. Describe this style. What are it origins? How has it changed over time? Do poets still write in this style today? Why or why not?

5) Class Discussion: Discuss the students' research. Compare these poetic styles. What do they have in common? How are they each...

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