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Essay Topic 1

This book is filled with poems about insects.

Part 1) Why might the poet have chosen insects as his subject matter? What might have led him to choose these types of insects? What do these insects have in common?

Part 2) After reading these poems, how has your opinion of insects been altered? Why? Which insect is your favorite, after reading this book? Why?

Part 3) Why is it important to learn about insects? How are insects important to our world? How different would our world be without insects? Would it be a balanced world without insects? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The book is written for two speakers.

Part 1) Why might the poet have chosen to have two speakers read his poems in unison? How does this affect the poems as a whole?

Part 2) How do these poems compare to poems that have only one speaker? Which...

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