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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Bardamu start to hang around with in Section 7?
(a) Robinson
(b) Alcide
(c) Paraprine
(d) Voireuse

2. How did Bardamu receive his war medal?
(a) He was brave
(b) He killed a general
(c) He blew up a bridge
(d) He was injured while fighting

3. Where does Lola and Bardamu go that sparks Bardamu's nervous breakdown?
(a) The town hall
(b) The hospital
(c) The cafe
(d) The carnival

4. What does Bardamu think about American couples?
(a) They are very passionate with one another
(b) They hate each other
(c) All American men have beautiful wives
(d) They rarely speak to each other

5. As stated in Section 3, how is Robinson similar to Bardamu?
(a) They both have the same color eyes
(b) They both come from the same hometown
(c) They both wish to flee the war
(d) They both long to die in battle for their country

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Bardamu's superior officer?

2. How does Bardamu escape his problems in Section 10?

3. What does Bardamu realize has happened to him in Section 11 after he wakes up from his illness?

4. Whose house do Robinson and Bardamu visit in the village of Noirceur?

5. What new skill has Bardamu developed in Section 11, following his illness?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Section 5 and 6, where is Bardamu staying, and why?

2. In what way does Bardamu realize he has been swindled in Section 11?

3. What do the hospital patients attempt to do to amuse themselves?

4. What skills does Bardamu learn in Section 11 that proves useful to him?

5. What does Bardamu feel about Lola and the people of Paris?

6. What does Bardamu think of the marching parade?

7. Who is Musyne, and why does her relationship with Bardamu fail to work?

8. What is the traditional cure for cowardice used in the military hospitals?

9. What hallucination does Bardamu start to have at the end of Section 4 and why?

10. Why is Robinson's appearance in Section 8 significant?

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