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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money will Robinson be paid for his murderous act?
(a) 10,000 francs
(b) 125 francs
(c) 1,000 francs
(d) 1,250 francs

2. What happens after Bardamu proposes marriage in someone in Section 13?
(a) He is beaten up
(b) It is accepted
(c) He gets thrown out of the cafe
(d) There is a party

3. What ruins Bardamu's experience of the movie theater forever?
(a) Not getting paid fairly
(b) The saddest song that he has ever heard
(c) The happiest thing that he has ever heard
(d) Meeting the clientele

4. Whom does Bardamu treat at the location he is called to at the beginning of Section 19?
(a) Lola
(b) A barmaid
(c) Robinson
(d) A juggler

5. Who is Bardemu's new boss at the job Dr. Paraprine set up for him in France?
(a) Alcide
(b) Paraprine
(c) Princhard
(d) Baryton

6. What does Bardamu shout down to the people under his window in Section 13?
(a) Joyful tidings
(b) Praise
(c) Insults
(d) Poetry

7. When does Bardamu start hallucinating?
(a) When he dances with the Polish girl
(b) When he drinks with the Polish girl
(c) When he goes to the crypt
(d) When he goes to the carnival

8. What type of suburb is it that Bardamu lives in upon returning to France?
(a) Middle class
(b) Working class
(c) Wealthy
(d) A slum

9. At the end of Section 24, where does Baryton decide to travel to?
(a) Africa
(b) America
(c) England
(d) China

10. What happens one day while Bardemu is teaching in Section 24?
(a) Baryton has a breakdown
(b) Paraprine turns up
(c) Baryton attacks him
(d) World War II is declared

11. Why is Robinson angry at Grandma Henrouille in Section 23?
(a) He wants to be loved as she is
(b) He wants a family like she has
(c) He wants to be able to act as well as she does
(d) He wants a bigger share of the profits

12. What earns Bardamu a bad reputation in Section 16?
(a) Throwing things at a child
(b) Smacking a child
(c) Shouting at a child
(d) Throwing a child

13. In Section 20, who also has been recently fired, that Bardamu bumps into?
(a) Grapper
(b) Alcide
(c) Paraprine
(d) Princhard

14. Where does Bardamu next work?
(a) In a hospital
(b) At a museum
(c) At a movie theater
(d) On a houseboat

15. Where does Bardamu visit Robinson and Grandma Henrouille in Section 21?
(a) Toulouse
(b) Bordeaux
(c) Remy
(d) Calais

Short Answer Questions

1. What party do Robinson, Madelon and Bardemu attend in Section 23?

2. What can Bardamu not bring himself to do as a doctor?

3. What is sad about the young girl in Section 16?

4. What does Bebert fall sick of?

5. Why do people flock to see Grandma Henrouille's show?

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