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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after Bardamu proposes marriage in someone in Section 13?
(a) He is beaten up
(b) He gets thrown out of the cafe
(c) It is accepted
(d) There is a party

2. Why is the midwife angry at Bardamu?
(a) For sleeping with her daughter
(b) For turning up late
(c) For taking her limelight
(d) For turning up drunk

3. Why does her family want Grandma Henrouille committed to an asylum?
(a) So they can rent out her house
(b) So they know that she is safe
(c) So they can claim a state pension
(d) So they look after her

4. How much money will Robinson be paid for his murderous act?
(a) 10,000 francs
(b) 1,000 francs
(c) 125 francs
(d) 1,250 francs

5. Why do people flock to see Grandma Henrouille's show?
(a) It is the only amusement there is in town
(b) She looks death in the eye and laughs
(c) She is so bad at it
(d) It is so cheap

6. Why is Grandma Henrouille at last happy in Section 19?
(a) She can call the police, at last
(b) She is free
(c) She feels justified
(d) She can extort Robinson for money

7. What party do Robinson, Madelon and Bardemu attend in Section 23?
(a) The theater party
(b) The party in the park
(c) The political party
(d) The houseboat party

8. What profession does Bardamu take up when he returns to France in Section 15?
(a) Tailor
(b) Doctor
(c) Soldier
(d) Politician

9. Whom does Bardamu meet up with at the carnival in Section 19?
(a) Lola
(b) Robinson
(c) Alcide
(d) Princhard

10. What job does Dr. Paraprine set up for Bardamu back in France?
(a) Baker's assistant
(b) Working in in a movie theatre
(c) Book stall employee
(d) Working in a psychiatric hospital

11. What can Bardamu not bring himself to do as a doctor?
(a) Collect what little money they have
(b) Dentistry
(c) Perform an operation
(d) Charge too high a fee for his services

12. What makes Bardamu think that humanity's cruelty has evolved?
(a) There are now planes in the shooting gallery
(b) People are nastier than he remembered them to be
(c) World War II breaks out
(d) The games at the carnival have grown crueller

13. What shop does Henrouille visit while in Toulouse?
(a) A tobacconist
(b) A sporting goods shop
(c) A pastry shop
(d) A clothes shop

14. What ailment is the elderly man suffering that Bardamu visits in Section 18?
(a) Arthritis
(b) Tinnitus
(c) Cancer
(d) A broken bone

15. How does Molly try to help Bardamu?
(a) By organizing a party for him
(b) By telling her friends about him
(c) By looking for another job
(d) By writing him love poetry

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of suburb is it that Bardamu lives in upon returning to France?

2. Bardamu's most prolific client in Section 15 has a particular malady, what is it?

3. Who is throwing the party in Section 23?

4. What dreadful news does Bardemu hear just as he is leaving Toulouse?

5. Who appears in Bardamu's office with a cough in Section 16?

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