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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 3-4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who benefits from the war in Bardamu's estimation?
(a) The poor and the needy
(b) The British Isles
(c) The military
(d) The rich and powerful

2. What reasons does the Mayor of Noirceur cite for his treachery?
(a) Power and glory
(b) Money and wealth
(c) The Germans
(d) Historic artifacts and architecture

3. Who is Bardamu's superior officer?
(a) General des Entrayes
(b) Leon Robinson
(c) Lieutenant Grapper
(d) Sergeant Alcide

4. What important 'kit' does Major Pincon own?
(a) The map
(b) The foodstores
(c) The guns
(d) The armor

5. As stated in Section 3, how is Robinson similar to Bardamu?
(a) They both wish to flee the war
(b) They both long to die in battle for their country
(c) They both come from the same hometown
(d) They both have the same color eyes

Short Answer Questions

1. What public occasion does Bardamu see passing his window?

2. What happens when Bardamu tries to resign his post?

3. Who is being celebrated in the public occasion Bardamu sees passing his window?

4. Why does Bardamu suddenly join a parade?

5. Whom does Bardamu meet in Paris that he falls in lust for?

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