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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections 15-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the soldiers have to do every month in order to get supplies?
(a) Sail upriver
(b) Rebuild the dock
(c) Fight off the natives
(d) Bribe their superior officers

2. How does Bardamu almost become a celebrity in Section 6?
(a) His exploits are in the news
(b) His fake war stories are used in a play
(c) He dates a famous actress
(d) His striking good looks

3. According to Bardamu, why do the whites work so hard in the colonies?
(a) They will be beaten otherwise
(b) They are hard-working citizens
(c) Life is so hard
(d) They have fantasies about becoming rich

4. Who is Madamoiselle Herote?
(a) Bardamu's fellow patient
(b) Owner of a Parisian lingerie store
(c) The President of France
(d) Bardamu's fiancee

5. Why does Bardamu sell his own possessions?
(a) To go back to the jungle to begin a gold-collecting operation
(b) To finance an extensive vacation
(c) To finance being a doctor
(d) To be able to move

Short Answer Questions

1. What is illusory about the soldiers under Grappa and Alcide's command?

2. What does Bardamu think Mr. Henrouille is actually suffering from?

3. What does Bardamu realize has happened to him in Section 11 after he wakes up from his illness?

4. Why does Lola want to help France in the First World War?

5. In Section 4, where does Bardamu begin the narrative?

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