Journey to the End of the Night Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Section 1

* Arthur Ganate, also called Banate by the author, meets the main character, Bardamu, at a cafe on Place Clichy in Paris.

* The two characters discuss the people of Paris and how they roam the streets acting like they know where they are going.

* They talk about how President Poincare is inaugurating a dog show that day.

* Ganate/Banate and Bardamu disagree about the virtues of the French race.

* Ganate/Banate speaks of the importance of love.

* Bardamu recites his prayer of social vengeance called, The Golden Wings!

* Ganate/Banate calls Bardamu an anarchist and Bardamu agrees.

* The two discuss war.

* Bardamu joins a passing military parade and inadvertently enlists in the army.

Section 2

* Bardamu is thrown headlong into the war, wondering why the Germans and French are fighting at all.

* A nervous messenger tells the colonel that Sergeant Barousse is dead.

* The colonel asks the messenger where...

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