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Short Answer Questions

1. In Part II, another person on the journey claims what about certain writings?

2. What does H.H. say has exaggerated value in Part II?

3. In Part I, what holds up the journey's progress in a small provincial town?

4. In Part II, what does H.H. say is very difficult for him to do?

5. In Part I, what does the narrator say the conquered nations are ready to believe in?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Leo's characteristics as put forth in Part II by H.H.

2. As Part IV opens, how does H.H. respond to whistling he hears from a house where Leo might live?

3. What is Morbio Inferiore?

4. What happens when H.H. approaches the person he has followed to a park in Part IV?

5. What is H.H. thinking and feeling as Part III opens?

6. In Part I, why does H.H. decide to try to write a description of his journey?

7. In Part II, what begins to happen to the unity of the journey members?

8. Why is H.H.'s patience tried as he and Leo walk to the League hall in Part V?

9. What does H.H. do after returning home at the end of Part IV?

10. Explain what H.H. says happens to the journey in Part III.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Early in Part III, Leo wants to end his meeting with H.H. after a brief conversation, but H.H. persists in following him. What does H.H. want from Leo? What is Leo's response? How does Leo try to calm H.H.? Explain why you think Leo is not able to recognize H.H. Include in your explanation an analysis of what is said in Part I about what happens to deserters of the League.

Essay Topic 2

In Part II many objects are listed as "irreplaceable" by H.H., such as passports and letters of credit. One stands out as the most important item. What is it and what significance does it seem to have? Where are some of the places the group believe this items is? What do you think the item represents to the men on the journey?

Essay Topic 3

H.H. says everything is at stake for him and his whole future life will be decided by the High Throne. What effect does he believe the High Throne's decision could have on his past? Why does he give so much importance to the High Throne's opinion? Do you think it will impact his goal to write his memoirs? Explain.

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