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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of Part II, where does the character leave the journey?
(a) Morbio Inferiore.
(b) Bremgarten.
(c) Ofterdinger.
(d) Egypt.

2. What doubts do H.H.'s memory of the journey and participants of the World War share?
(a) Whether others care what happened to them.
(b) Whether they will ever forget.
(c) Whether their story is worth telling.
(d) Whether or not they really experienced it.

3. How does the narrator describe his country at the end of the World War?
(a) It is full of saviors and prophets.
(b) It is under the rule of a strong dictator.
(c) It is settling into a democratic time.
(d) It is enjoying a new prosperity.

4. In Part I, how does the narrator describe encounters with different parties?
(a) Different parties are very secretive.
(b) As difficult and confusing.
(c) Parties ban together for the rest of the journey.
(d) As pleasant, festive days.

5. In Part II, where does one man assert an important document is?
(a) At the journey's end.
(b) In the Blue Pot.
(c) In a protective leather pouch.
(d) In Leo's bag.

6. What is it that H.H. says a historian searches for in events?
(a) The importance of the matter.
(b) The relevance of the event.
(c) The truth.
(d) The center, the common standpoint.

7. Where do many of the journey members believe League documents are deposited?
(a) In the League Library at Zurich.
(b) In four old capitals.
(c) In a temple in Rome.
(d) In an ancient Greek library.

8. Who or what does H.H. say is the basis of his community in Part II?
(a) The League.
(b) The journey.
(c) The Bible.
(d) The Enlightenment.

9. How far has the journey traveled as Part II begins?
(a) Through half of Europe and a portion of the Middle Ages.
(b) Beyond the Alps into Ancient Macedonia.
(c) Almost to the Pyramids of Egypt.
(d) To the woods of Lindhorst.

10. What does H.H. say no longer exists in the group?
(a) The ability to remain in the League.
(b) The strength to stay on the journey.
(c) The desire to maintain unity.
(d) The desire to reach their individual goals.

11. What do the officials instruct the narrator to do once he is a member of the League?
(a) Meditate and prepare his body and soul to accept the Tao.
(b) Fast for forty days to prove he is worthy of the task before him.
(c) Attach himself to a group of ten people en route to the expidition.
(d) Stand vigil over the sacred book for one full day and night.

12. In Part II, what does H.H. say most historians want to do?
(a) Portray events sincerely.
(b) Portray events as they see them.
(c) Portray only what is important to them.
(d) Portray only what they want to remember.

13. What time of year does H.H. recall in Part II?
(a) Autumn/October.
(b) Winter/Christmas.
(c) Easter/Spring.
(d) Summer/Bacchus Festival.

14. Where does the group camp as Part II begins?
(a) A dark forest in Greece.
(b) In an oasis in the Sahara.
(c) A narrow mountain gorge on the Italian border.
(d) A meadow in the Alps.

15. What belief does H.H. say he is sadly sure of?
(a) His friend, Lukas, is a liar.
(b) His health will weaken befor the Journey is complete.
(c) The original League document is in Leo's bag.
(d) He will never meet Princess Fatima.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does H.H. say has exaggerated value in Part II?

2. In Part I, what does the narrator believe is his great fortune?

3. How does H.H. describe certain articles in Part II?

4. What does the narrator say is the one paradox that must be accepted?

5. At the beginning of Part II, who or what else is missing?

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