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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does H.H. say he is told about his follies and failures?
(a) They are regarded as stupidites.
(b) They are more tremendous than he realized.
(c) They cannot be dismissed easily.
(d) His has greatly wronged the League.

2. What does H.H. say can no longer act as a charm against the world and hell?
(a) The strength of all the knights of the crusades.
(b) The prayers of all the League brethren.
(c) The medallion of St. Christopher.
(d) A protrait of the Arabian princess.

3. In Part III, what does H.H. say is similar to when he first started on his expedition?
(a) His need to find his home.
(b) His desire to remain a member of the League.
(c) His determination to meet his goal.
(d) His happiness to do something.

4. In Part IV, how does H.H. describe the person who comes out of the house?
(a) Sickly with sunken cheeks.
(b) Od and weary.
(c) Moving easily and quietly.
(d) A joyful young spirit.

5. What does Lukas suddenly do after describing his experiences?
(a) Goes to bed.
(b) Cries inconsolably.
(c) Make H.H. leave.
(d) Laughs deleriously.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the man H.H. follows feel about dogs, birds, and cats?

2. How does H.H. say he feels as he stands before the throne?

3. According to H.H., what does the disappearance of a particular member threaten?

4. What clear memory does a particular document bring back to H.H.?

5. What does the narrator's vow to the League forbid him to do?

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