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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part II, what does H.H. say is the only important thing in his life?
(a) Writing his memoirs.
(b) The Conquest of the Ottoman Empire.
(c) The League's Journey East.
(d) The love of Fatima.

2. How does H.H.'s recollection of the his earlier journey affect him?
(a) He says everything becomes clear.
(b) He says things remain hopeless.
(c) He suddenly remembers where he is.
(d) He weeps uncontrollably.

3. What does the Leader say about "grace" in Part I?
(a) It is not recognized by common people.
(b) Once found it cannot be lost.
(c) It is regained by repentance.
(d) It cannot be bought.

4. How longs does H.H. say it has been since he saw the traveler who disappeared on the journey east?
(a) Less than a year.
(b) He cannot remember.
(c) He thinks four or five years.
(d) Ten years or more.

5. What clear memory does a particular document bring back to H.H.?
(a) The stories Chrisostomos told him.
(b) Max and Tilli leading him into battle.
(c) Meeting his friend Paul Klee.
(d) His friend Longus writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes through the doors as H.H. awakens from his meditations?

2. What does H.H. believe is the most memorable event in Part II?

3. What does the narrator say is in the East that disciples are traveling towards?

4. How does H.H. describe his demeanor in Part II?

5. At the beginning of Part II, who or what else is missing?

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