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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Part III opens, what is H.H. trying to find his way through?
(a) His difficulty.
(b) His anger.
(c) A sandstorm.
(d) Zurich.

2. What does H.H realize about the whistling he hears?
(a) Is fulfills all his wishes.
(b) It must be a League member.
(c) It is an exotic bird.
(d) It is Lukas.

3. What does the narrator says is impairing him as he starts his narration early in Part I?
(a) An injury to his leg.
(b) His eyesight.
(c) An injury to his head.
(d) His confidence and recollection.

4. Where do many of the journey members believe League documents are deposited?
(a) In a temple in Rome.
(b) In four old capitals.
(c) In the League Library at Zurich.
(d) In an ancient Greek library.

5. In Part II, how does H.H. describe what everything has become to him?
(a) Hazy memories that disappear like a mist.
(b) Nightmares that keep him from falling asleep.
(c) Clear images reflected in a mirror.
(d) A mass of separate fragmentory pictures.

Short Answer Questions

1. What label does H.H. return to several times with increasing curiosity in Part V?

2. What is placed on the narrator as he is admitted into the League?

3. Who or what does H.H. say is the basis of his community in Part II?

4. Why does H.H. visit Lukas?

5. How does H.H. begin his task in Part V?

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