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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part I, what does the narrator believe is his great fortune?
(a) To belong to the League.
(b) To be a gifted writer.
(c) To find a rare map.
(d) To inherit a modest fortune.

2. What does H.H realize about the whistling he hears?
(a) It is Lukas.
(b) It is an exotic bird.
(c) Is fulfills all his wishes.
(d) It must be a League member.

3. What does H.H. say no longer exists in the group?
(a) The desire to maintain unity.
(b) The desire to reach their individual goals.
(c) The strength to stay on the journey.
(d) The ability to remain in the League.

4. In Part II, what does H.H. say he would willing exchange his belief for?
(a) A chance to go home.
(b) A chance to see the Christ child.
(c) A chance to converse with Siddhartha.
(d) A more hopeful belief.

5. What does H.H. describe as hallucinations?
(a) His dreams.
(b) His ambitions.
(c) His reality.
(d) His memories.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Lukas and his friends say about H.H.'s "Journey to the East"?

2. What does the deserter wish to do some time later?

3. How does the Man H.H. follows describe rain?

4. Why does H.H. say he needs to be awakened?

5. How does the man H.H. follows feel about dogs, birds, and cats?

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