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Part I

• The narrator, H.H., opens with musings about his experience as a member of the "League."

• H.H. wants to write a memoir of his journey to the east but fears his memory might fail him.

• H.H. comments that "others" claiming to be League members have written fraudulent journey books.

• The journey is described as magical and done without the use of mundane modern modes of travel.

• H.H. expresses concern that mere words will not make his journey comprehensible to the reader.
• H.H. explains the journey has lofty goals and each member is expected to have a private goal.

• After completing his probation, H.H. is made a member of the League and given a League ring.

• Post World War I European society is disillusioned and seeks spiritual comfort through many new societies.

• There is a leaning towards Indian, ancient Persian, and Egyptian...

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