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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Don Juan is insistent that the only thing needed is _________ instead of talk.
(a) Action
(b) Explanation
(c) Pictures
(d) Medicine

2. Don Juan tells Castaneda he is too __________ and takes himself too seriously.
(a) Close minded
(b) Simple
(c) Angry
(d) Stupid

3. Don Juan is acting in a crazy manner because he tells Castaneda that he always worries about __________, even if he is not hungry.
(a) Lunch
(b) Breaks
(c) Routines
(d) Plants

4. When Castaneda says he will pay Don Juan for his services, Don Juan answers, "Pay me for my time with your _______."
(a) Book
(b) Soul
(c) Life
(d) Time

5. Did Castaneda shoot the revered bird when it was in his line of sight?
(a) Yes
(b) It's not clear
(c) Yes, but it was only injured
(d) No

Short Answer Questions

1. Don Juan does not believe that Castaneda is trying to ___________. He believes Castaneda's life is just as bad as when they met.

2. Castaneda does not agree with his friend because Don Juan demonstrates an ability to _________ him too accurately.

3. Don Juan says that he will teach Castaneda to be a ___________, though that might not make him one.

4. The crow that cawed earlier in the story was not cawing for Don Juan, it was cawing for ______________.

5. Don Juan tells Castaneda it is important that Castaneda not __________ him.

Short Essay Questions

1. When Castaneda goes to visit Don Juan in December of 1960, what question does he ask Don Juan upon his arrival?

2. Why is Carlos Castaneda seeking the lessons of Don Juan in this book?

3. Don Juan says that some people live happily because of one thing - what is this one state of mind?

4. What is Castaneda's mistake in not becoming an artist as he wanted to be, according to Don Juan?

5. What did Castaneda's father promise to do when he was young, though he never followed through on this promise?

6. What does Don Juan do with the five quails that the two men capture during the day?

7. Why does Castaneda think Don Juan is crazy, like his friend seems to believe?

8. What does Don Juan want Castaneda to see in his eyes when he commands him to look at him?

9. What does Don Juan have to say about the process of learning about peyote?

10. What must Castaneda learn in order to know where to place the traps he is going to make?

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