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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Castaneda ask when Don Genaro tells him he was directed to go to Ixtlan?
(a) Why he didn't run
(b) If it hurt
(c) What Ixtlan is
(d) If he went

2. What has Don Genaro done to the Castaneda's car, much to the disbelief of Castaneda?
(a) Nothing
(b) Repainted it
(c) Burned it to cinders
(d) Made it disappear

3. Castaneda learns how to do a dance that thumps like a __________ from Don Juan in the evening.
(a) Beaver
(b) Duck
(c) Horse
(d) Rabbit

4. Needing explanations is like a ___________ to Castaneda, according to Don Juan's observations.
(a) Disease
(b) Quest
(c) Meal
(d) Obsession

5. Where do the four Indians and Castaneda gather around when they meet up in the border town?
(a) Fire
(b) Bar
(c) Corral
(d) Store

6. Don Juan tricked Castaneda into confronting her for the purpose of finding Castaneda a ______________.
(a) New teacher
(b) Worthy opponent
(c) Power animal
(d) Wife

7. What does Don Juan want Castaneda to move his eyes back and forth along?
(a) The bank of fog
(b) The ground
(c) The stars
(d) The mountains

8. Who advises against Don Juan and Castaneda staying the night at the rock place of power?
(a) La Catalina
(b) Crow
(c) Don Juan
(d) Castaneda

9. If an ________ does not come, then it means Castaneda is not able to hunt power.
(a) Indian
(b) Eagle
(c) Omen
(d) Entity

10. Don Juan tells Castaneda that the rocks around him are not rocks, but rather they are _________ that hold him suspended.
(a) Spirits
(b) Glue
(c) Strings
(d) Webs

11. If Castaneda is not able to hunt for power, Don Juan says that he will be free to be _____________, but Don Juan will continue to be his friend.
(a) A writer
(b) A plant scholar
(c) Stupid
(d) A student

12. As Castaneda looks at the horizon, he begins to see the _______ of the world that Don Juan and Don Genaro talk about.
(a) Answers
(b) Colors
(c) Mysteries
(d) Lines

13. As Castaneda's benefactor, it is up to Don Juan to take him to ___________.
(a) The brink
(b) His answers
(c) His darkness
(d) His power

14. Don Juan uses a rock to show the idea of not-doing. "To look at it is ___________ but to see is __________."
(a) Not-doing; doing
(b) Something; nothing
(c) Nothing; something
(d) Doing; not-doing

15. Don Juan admits he has seen his own death watching him and has danced to it as though he was __________.
(a) Dying
(b) Peyote
(c) Death
(d) Crazy

Short Answer Questions

1. Don Juan yells at Castaneda who feels strange, as though something is about to ____________.

2. Castaneda is learning to make traps in order to catch an animal who can provide him with ______________.

3. But when Castaneda gets an explanation of the rings of power, he only wanted to get an explanation for ____________.

4. Don Juan tells Castaneda that this mood he tends to lapse into is like a _____________.

5. What kind of bed does Don Juan prepare for Castaneda when they are trying to prevent illness in Castaneda?

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