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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Don Juan tells Castaneda to look without __________ until he sees something before him.
(a) Breathing
(b) Moving
(c) Staying still
(d) Blinking

2. If an ________ does not come, then it means Castaneda is not able to hunt power.
(a) Omen
(b) Eagle
(c) Entity
(d) Indian

3. The jolt of tackling one's ally is so strong that Castaneda needs to be sure to keep his __________ closed.
(a) Mouth
(b) Feet
(c) Hands
(d) Eyes

4. Don Juan had planned to __________ Castaneda in the space for a night, but he does not have the power, according to Don Juan.
(a) Leave
(b) Drug
(c) Bury
(d) Sit with

5. What does Castaneda describe as - its eyes are friendly and clear - so he is not afraid of it?
(a) Horse
(b) Snake
(c) Bear
(d) Coyote

6. What are Don Juan and Castaneda going to search for when they drive off to the mountains?
(a) Falcons
(b) Plants
(c) Power
(d) Quail

7. Castaneda tells the creature that they are there to ______________ the world
(a) Uncover
(b) Heal
(c) Stop
(d) End

8. Don Juan tricked Castaneda into confronting her for the purpose of finding Castaneda a ______________.
(a) New teacher
(b) Power animal
(c) Wife
(d) Worthy opponent

9. What does Don Juan give to Castaneda to help him stay warm during the night, even though he has no blanket?
(a) Leaves
(b) Tea
(c) Peyote
(d) Vodka

10. But when Castaneda gets an explanation of the rings of power, he only wanted to get an explanation for ____________.
(a) The pirate costume
(b) The place of power
(c) The show girl costume
(d) The other Indians

11. Where does Don Juan go as the men are talking to each other around the gathering place?
(a) Boulder
(b) Building
(c) Car
(d) Tree

12. The place of power is not a ___________, so there are no bones buried there as Castaneda guesses might be.
(a) Home
(b) Temple
(c) Ritual space
(d) Cemetery

13. What does Don Genaro do with the string and his hat which amazes Castaneda?
(a) Finds water
(b) Starts the car
(c) Makes a kite
(d) Makes a meal

14. When Don Juan and Castaneda are together again, Castaneda inquires as to whether death is a ____________.
(a) Personage
(b) Friend
(c) Plant
(d) Home

15. Don Juan says that the storing of _________ is a personal thing that he cannot define or explain.
(a) Power
(b) Courage
(c) Energy
(d) Will

Short Answer Questions

1. Don Juan says the Castaneda reminds him of himself - he did not want to be a _____________ either.

2. Don Juan yells at Castaneda who feels strange, as though something is about to ____________.

3. What kind of bed does Don Juan prepare for Castaneda when they are trying to prevent illness in Castaneda?

4. What is the outfit Castaneda sees Don Juan wear when he reemerges from his hiding place?

5. Don Juan tells Castaneda that the rocks around him are not rocks, but rather they are _________ that hold him suspended.

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