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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the two men meet again, Don Juan points out that Castaneda has not ____________.
(a) Studied
(b) Learned
(c) Changed
(d) Told the truth

2. Castaneda is frustrated that it seems to be okay for Don Juan to ___________ but it's wrong for Castaneda to do so.
(a) Walk
(b) Eat plants
(c) Lie
(d) Laugh

3. The two men must keep talking because the human voice will attract ___________ to them.
(a) Plants
(b) Power
(c) Animals
(d) Spirits

4. What did Castaneda want to be, but never saw fully realized in his life?
(a) Musician
(b) Artist
(c) Movie star
(d) Priest

5. Don Juan says that Castaneda is too __________ and should start to erase himself.
(a) Real
(b) Honest
(c) Visible
(d) Young

6. Castaneda concedes he is considered ________________, even though he never lies.
(a) Unreliable
(b) Untruthful
(c) Loyal
(d) Evil

7. What does Castaneda want to bring with him when he sees Don Juan?
(a) Friend
(b) Camera and recorder
(c) Another medicine man
(d) Girlfriend

8. Castaneda tells Don Juan that he is a _____________ and that cannot be changed.
(a) Person
(b) Medicine man
(c) Male
(d) Yaqui Indian

9. Castaneda can't believe Don Juan takes ____________ as reality.
(a) Medicine journeys
(b) Dreams
(c) Trances
(d) Vision quests

10. When Castaneda asks Don Juan if he is being serious, Don Juan responds that he is being ______________.
(a) Deadly serious
(b) Helpful
(c) Silly
(d) Guarded

11. Who once promised to take Castaneda swimming every day at 6:00 AM, but never did?
(a) His father
(b) His mother
(c) His brother
(d) His uncle

12. What kind of song does Don Juan begin to hum as he talks about the idea that one of them must change?
(a) Christmas
(b) Spanish
(c) Salsa
(d) Mexican

13. Castaneda's mistake in not seeing his dream come to life is that Castaneda always thinks he has plenty of __________.
(a) Money
(b) Talent
(c) Power
(d) Time

14. Don Juan believes the _____________ is looking for Castaneda.
(a) Peyote spirit
(b) Wind
(c) Mountain
(d) Rocks

15. Don Juan orders Castaneda to go talk to some ____________ in a loud and clear voice.
(a) Plants
(b) Winds
(c) Animals
(d) Lizards

Short Answer Questions

1. Don Juan grabs eight __________ and tells Castaneda to do the same while apologizing for hurting the plants.

2. When a man takes responsibility for his decisions, he can move ahead without ___________ or remorse.

3. Don Juan says that the only thing indispensable to their work together is __________.

4. How many months of extra research does Castaneda do in preparation for his work with Don Juan?

5. After Castaneda laughs at Don Juan's response to a question, Don Juan tells him to not waste his time with ___________.

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