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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The friend of Castaneda who put him in touch with Don Juan thinks the Indian is _________.
(a) Quiet
(b) Simple
(c) Boring
(d) Crazy

2. Don Juan tells Castaneda to lie between two _______ and to cover himself with branches.
(a) Cacti
(b) Rocks
(c) Bushes
(d) Trees

3. Don Juan tells Castaneda not to ___________ in fear, though Castaneda is very afraid as he travels to make himself accessible to power.
(a) Suffocate
(b) Drown
(c) Linger
(d) Indulge

4. Castaneda admits he is afraid of thinking about __________.
(a) Life
(b) His family
(c) Peace
(d) Death

5. What does Castaneda complain about, though Don Juan tells him they are not important?
(a) Weird dreams
(b) Red spots
(c) Voices in his head
(d) Hunger pangs

6. Which appliance makes a noise which Don Juan interprets as agreement?
(a) Stove
(b) Toilet
(c) Percolator
(d) Refrigerator

7. While Don Juan calls Castaneda's body stupid and young, he corrects the term stupid and replaces it with __________.
(a) Naive
(b) Quiet
(c) Blocked
(d) Dormant

8. A creature that is impossible to track is something that happens ______________.
(a) Every day
(b) In another realm
(c) Only to bad hunters
(d) Once in a lifetime

9. The fact that __________ is stalking Castaneda leaves no room for doubt or for remorse.
(a) Pride
(b) La Catalina
(c) Death
(d) Peyote

10. Castaneda checks with Don Juan to make sure he is not interrupting his ____________.
(a) Home
(b) Meal
(c) Birthday
(d) Routine

11. Where is Castaneda told to look for a special spot where he can find benefit?
(a) Bathroom
(b) Desert
(c) Living room
(d) Porch

12. Castaneda's mistake in not seeing his dream come to life is that Castaneda always thinks he has plenty of __________.
(a) Power
(b) Money
(c) Time
(d) Talent

13. Don Juan tells Castaneda his eyes will make him ____________ a good resting place.
(a) Feel
(b) Touch
(c) Smell
(d) See

14. Don Juan tells Castaneda he is too __________ and takes himself too seriously.
(a) Angry
(b) Simple
(c) Close minded
(d) Stupid

15. According to Don Juan, the key to becoming a hunter is to want to ____________.
(a) Kill
(b) Hunt
(c) Change
(d) Track someone else

Short Answer Questions

1. For Castaneda to find the proper place, he will need to learn to _______________.

2. Don Juan tells Castaneda it takes a long time to learn about ___________.

3. Don Juan says that Castaneda is like prey that is ___________ to predict.

4. What kind of animal does Don Juan talk about having chased during his life?

5. Don Juan feels the difference between him and Castaneda is that Castaneda feels he is ____________.

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