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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Stopping The World: Chapter 16, The Ring of Power.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Each person is born with a _________ of power and each is linked to everyone else's.
(a) Word
(b) Glass
(c) String
(d) Ring

2. Don Juan had planned to __________ Castaneda in the space for a night, but he does not have the power, according to Don Juan.
(a) Sit with
(b) Drug
(c) Bury
(d) Leave

3. The place of power is not a ___________, so there are no bones buried there as Castaneda guesses might be.
(a) Cemetery
(b) Home
(c) Temple
(d) Ritual space

4. According to Don Juan, the key to becoming a hunter is to want to ____________.
(a) Change
(b) Track someone else
(c) Hunt
(d) Kill

5. Don Juan explains that _____________ is what makes a creature magical.
(a) Camoflauge
(b) Unpredictability
(c) Skill
(d) Openness

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Don Juan give to Castaneda to help him stay warm during the night, even though he has no blanket?

2. Castaneda's problem, according to Don Juan, is that he compulsively _________ everything to everyone.

3. Don Juan tells Castaneda that his last girlfriend left him because he was too ______________.

4. What kind of student is Carlos Castaneda when he goes to meet with Don Juan?

5. But when Castaneda gets an explanation of the rings of power, he only wanted to get an explanation for ____________.

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