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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Stopping The World, Chapter 9, The Last Battle Of Earth.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the animal do with Don Juan which makes Castaneda not believe his story?
(a) Talk
(b) Push him
(c) Drink coffee
(d) Dance

2. Don Juan does not believe that Castaneda is trying to ___________. He believes Castaneda's life is just as bad as when they met.
(a) Change
(b) Understand
(c) Learn
(d) Hunt

3. Agreement is not enough, according to Don Juan, he should instead ____________ instantly.
(a) Change
(b) Sing
(c) Be grateful
(d) Understand

4. The friend of Castaneda who put him in touch with Don Juan thinks the Indian is _________.
(a) Quiet
(b) Simple
(c) Crazy
(d) Boring

5. Castaneda is frustrated that it seems to be okay for Don Juan to ___________ but it's wrong for Castaneda to do so.
(a) Laugh
(b) Walk
(c) Eat plants
(d) Lie

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Don Juan begin to teach Castaneda to make as they are out with the animals in the morning?

2. What did Castaneda want to be, but never saw fully realized in his life?

3. What does Don Juan do to indicate that lunch time is over, confusing Castaneda?

4. How many months of extra research does Castaneda do in preparation for his work with Don Juan?

5. Don Juan tells Castaneda he is too __________ and takes himself too seriously.

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