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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the women happy to do?

2. How does Ginzburg characterize the last group of women brought on board the ship?

3. What are the prisoners told to do before being transferred?

4. With what are Ginzburg and Julia becoming disillusioned?

5. Who comes to see Ginzburg?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon what does Ginzburg reflect when she hears that Lenin's widow has died?

2. What does Ginzburg say about the ongoing political purges and how do some of the prisoners view the likely incarceration of some of those fallen under the most recent purges?

3. What solution do Julia and Ginzburg find to reading in low light?

4. Why does Ginzburg waken one day to find Krivitsky standing over her?

5. Why does Vasily Petukhov decide to help Ginzburg survive?

6. What range of sentences are the women whom Ginzburg meets given, and why does Ginzburg consider herself lucky?

7. What happens when Julia and Ginzburg see a flower in the courtyard?

8. What happens when the Prison Governor comes to visit Ginzburg?

9. What small joy do Ginzburg and the other prisoners enjoy when the Black Maria is late?

10. What is it like for Ginzburg in her cell at the prison?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oftentimes, a book has more of a character-driven plot rather than action driven, and oftentimes the other way. Some books seem to balance the two. Discuss the following:

1. What do you think it means to say that a plot is character driven? Action driven?

2. How do you think a plot differs if it is character driven versus action driven?

3. Which type of plot do you find more interesting? Why?

4. Do you think it is possible to have a plot where action and character development share equal time? Why or why not.

5. What type of plot do you think Journey Into the Whirlwind is? Explain your response.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the following:

1. What do you think are the characteristics of a successful memoir?

2. Analyze and discuss Journey Into the Whirlwind based upon the criteria you decide upon in #1 and judge if Journey Into the Whirlwind is a successful memoir.

3. Do you think the criteria for a successful memoir should be different if it is written for adults versus young adults? Why or why not? Would most adults consider Journey Into the Whirlwind a successful memoir? What about young teens?

Essay Topic 3

Ginzburg's frustration over failing to prove her innocence increases to anger over the hypocrisy and corrupt nature of the hearings. The charges multiply against her. Suspicions, rumors, and false accusations are rippling throughout Soviet Russia, and as a result, no charges are being taken lightly. Ginzburg's charges now carry the weight of criminal offense.

1. Discuss how frustration might turn to anger in almost any situation. Use examples from Journey Into the Whirlwind and your own life to support your response.

2. What do you think the corruption of the hearings says about the government at the time? Use examples from Journey Into the Whirlwind and your own life to support your response.

3. Discuss the effects that suspicions, rumors, and false accusations might have on a society. Use examples from Journey Into the Whirlwind and your own life to support your response.

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