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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ginzburg want to prove?

2. Why does Pitkovskaya condemn her husband?

3. What does Tsarevsky say about Elvov?

4. Who is Alyosha?

5. Why is Elvov apologizing to Ginzburg?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Ginzburg's situation changed on Red Army Day?

2. Who summons Ginzburg after Elvov's arrest; what do they want with her, and how does she respond?

3. Describe the situation that occurs concerning Carola Heintschke.

4. Describe Captain Vevers' behavior to Ginzburg.

5. Where is Ginzburg being transferred and what is significant about the watch returned to her?

6. When is Ginzburg arrested and where does she tell goodbye?

7. What does Ginzburg discover about the charges against her as she is traveling back to Moscow?

8. To where is Ginzburg's case referred, and what is significant about that fact?

9. Why does Ginzburg think things have been straightened out and what happens to throw her back into the midst of the purge?

10. Who is Ginzburg's first cellmate at Black Lake?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following:

1. Who is/are the protagonists of the story and why?

2. Who is/are the antagonists of the story and why?

3. Which 3 secondary characters have the greatest impact on the plot?

4. Are any of the characters dispensable and which ones? Why or why not?

5. Do you think this is a character-driven plot or an action-driven plot? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Grandmother warns Ginzburg that a trap is being set for her, and that she should go as far away as she possibly can. But Ginzburg wants to prove her innocence, and her husband dismisses the idea of leaving. Ginzburg recounts that some intelligent people did indeed escape Communist oppression by slipping away to distant places. But Ginzburg admits she was not one of them.

1. Why do you think Ginzburg felt so strongly about proving her innocence? Use examples from Journey Into the Whirlwind and your own life to support your response.

2. Discuss how you think someone like Ginzburg might feel about her decision to not leave by the end of her ordeal. Do you think she may have regretted not leaving? Why or why not? Use examples from Journey Into the Whirlwind and your own life to support your response.

3. Discuss what it might imply about a person to know that a trap by an oppressive government might be set for her and still not take steps to avoid the trap. Use examples from Journey Into the Whirlwind and your own life to support your response.

Essay Topic 3

1. Research and give a brief biographical sketch of Eugenia Ginzburg.

2. What in Ginzburg's background may have helped her in writing Journey Into the Whirlwind? What may have influenced the way she depicts various people and scenes?

3. Do you think all of the events in a memoir are true? Why or why not? Give examples.

4. How is a memoir affected by memory? Is every memory a person has strictly accurate? Why or why not?

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