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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what task is Ginzburg assigned in Elgen?
(a) Farming.
(b) Felling timber.
(c) Quarry work.
(d) Sewing.

2. What strikes Ginzburg when talking with Tulub?
(a) Tulub is so optimistic despite everything she's been through.
(b) Tulub has such a strong faith in a god force.
(c) Ginzburg feels that Ginzburg's life story Ginzburg is telling is someone else's.
(d) Tulub still believes in the greater good of Communism.

3. What does Ginzburg think they are doing that is causing the screaming?
(a) Forcing a prisoner to eat.
(b) Getting ready to execute a prisoner.
(c) She has no idea.
(d) Hosing a prisoner down with freezing water.

4. Who is Pickwick?
(a) The new prison Governor.
(b) The doctor who treats Julia and Ginzburg.
(c) A kind, elderly guard.
(d) A new prisoner.

5. Who is Vasily Petukhov?
(a) A guard who often whips prisoners.
(b) The new prison camp director.
(c) A doctor from Leningrad.
(d) A lawyer from Moscow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What language does Ginzburg know that helps her get an easier assignment?

2. Why are the window fans in the cells shut off?

3. What do the women become proficient at during the day?

4. Whom does Ginzburg have in mind as she is writing her memoirs?

5. Why are Ginzburg and the others put in punishment cells?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Vasily Petukhov decide to help Ginzburg survive?

2. What solution do Julia and Ginzburg find to reading in low light?

3. What does Dr. Pickwick insist upon in treating Julia and Ginzburg?

4. About what do the female prisoners disagree during their discussions on the train ride?

5. How old is Ginzburg when she is writing this book and what does she find difficult to believe?

6. What small joy do Ginzburg and the other prisoners enjoy when the Black Maria is late?

7. What new rule is forced upon the prisoners and how do they react to the restriction?

8. What does Ginzburg learn about her father and how does this seem to cause unwarranted punishment?

9. What is it like for Ginzburg in her cell at the prison?

10. What routine do Julia and Ginzburg maintain?

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