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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the prisoners want the guards to open windows and other sources of fresh air?
(a) There is a contagious flu going around.
(b) There is smoke in the cell blocks.
(c) Fresh air is the only thing that reminds the prisoners of the outside.
(d) The cells are beginning to have a lot of mold in them.

2. What is crawling with insects?
(a) The halls and cells.
(b) The underground cell.
(c) Bad sugar Ginzburg bought from the prison commissary.
(d) The slop pails.

3. What can Ginzburg not believe in reflecting upon what has happened to herself and others?
(a) She survived the horrors.
(b) More people didn't die in the terrible conditions.
(c) She meets so many people who went through the same things she did.
(d) It really could happen.

4. Who is the latest of the higher members of the Party to be imprisoned?
(a) Zhdanov.
(b) Yezhov.
(c) Tukhachevsky.
(d) Bukharin.

5. What does Nabob sentence Ginzburg to do?
(a) To move to a cell by herself and where talk to no one else.
(b) To hand over all her writing materials.
(c) To not eat for a week.
(d) To spend three days in the underground punishment cell.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long do Ginzburg's parents spend in prison?

2. What strikes Ginzburg when talking with Tulub?

3. What does Vasily Petukhov notice when he sees Ginzburg?

4. From where is Tulub?

5. What does Polina Melnikova explain to the new prisoners?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ginzburg compare Kostik to Keyzin?

2. What happens that causes Julia and Ginzburg to eat their hoarded supply of sugar and bread?

3. What new rule is forced upon the prisoners and how do they react to the restriction?

4. What does Dr. Pickwick insist upon in treating Julia and Ginzburg?

5. What range of sentences are the women whom Ginzburg meets given, and why does Ginzburg consider herself lucky?

6. What happens when Julia and Ginzburg see a flower in the courtyard?

7. How do Ginzburg and her mother write letters to each other in code and what is an example of one such letter?

8. What solution do Julia and Ginzburg find to reading in low light?

9. Who teaches the new prisoners how to fake their lumber quota?

10. What does Ginzburg say about the ongoing political purges and how do some of the prisoners view the likely incarceration of some of those fallen under the most recent purges?

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