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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is crawling with insects?
(a) Bad sugar Ginzburg bought from the prison commissary.
(b) The halls and cells.
(c) The underground cell.
(d) The slop pails.

2. Why are the window fans in the cells shut off?
(a) The prisoners complained about the cold air blowing through the cells.
(b) The electricity is down.
(c) A worker accidentally blew that circuit.
(d) To deprive the prisoners of fresh air.

3. What do the women become proficient at during the day?
(a) Convincing the guards to give them more priviledges.
(b) Sleeping in a sitting position.
(c) Communicating with other prisoners.
(d) Maximizing their exercise time.

4. What is different about the women in Hut 7?
(a) They are under the greatest restrictions.
(b) They have more freedom than the others.
(c) They are convicted murderesses.
(d) They are politically the highest group.

5. What does Vasily Petukhov notice when he sees Ginzburg?
(a) She is able to read and write fluently.
(b) She never cries out when he beats her.
(c) She should already have been realeased.
(d) She resembles her son.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Ginzburg and the others put in punishment cells?

2. What news does "Northern Worker" carry?

3. Why do Ginzburg eat bread and a pound of sugar?

4. What does Maria Nimtsevitskaya give Ginzburg?

5. Why do the prisoners want the guards to open windows and other sources of fresh air?

Short Essay Questions

1. What routine do Julia and Ginzburg maintain?

2. Who is Marya Dogadkina and how is she described?

3. What happens when the prisoners are held in a transfer camp?

4. What is Julia determined to do and what does she save for the day?

5. What happens when the Prison Governor comes to visit Ginzburg?

6. Why is Ginzburg taken to see Nabob and what happens?

7. What gives the prisoners a moment of happiness and how do they share their goods?

8. What happens when Ginzburg is taken to Magadan Infirmary?

9. How does Ginzburg offer an act of forgiveness for the man who labeled Ginzburg a terrorist?

10. What happens when Ginzburg is having a conversation with Zinaida Tulub?

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