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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ginzburg notice is lacking where she is now?
(a) Discipline.
(b) Decent food.
(c) Older party members.
(d) Kindness.

2. Where is Ginzburg put after her initial interrogations?
(a) In a courtyard with tents for shelter.
(b) In a cellar.
(c) In a bleak prison with stone walls.
(d) In a dormitory with other political offenders.

3. What does Sagidullin think is the reason for the current purge?
(a) There does not seem to be a reason for it.
(b) To kill off anyone that might challenge Stalin.
(c) To get Stalin's cronies into all the important positions in the government.
(d) To trim the party, which had stopped being such an elite organization.

4. How does Ginzburg view the hearings against her and others?
(a) Honest but flawed.
(b) Corrupt and hypocritical.
(c) Self-serving.
(d) They are conducted by incompetent judges.

5. Why is Nina in prison?
(a) For failing to denounce someone who denounces Stalin.
(b) Her boyfriend is in a conspiracy group.
(c) Her mother said negative things about Stalin.
(d) Her brother denounced Stalin and Nina does not report him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What incenses Ginzburg about how her answers are recorded?

2. Who is one person Zinaida Abramova says has been arrested?

3. Why is Ginzburg summoned to a Party meeting?

4. How old is the youngest woman in the cell with Ginzburg?

5. What does Ginzburg want to prove?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ginzburg think things have been straightened out and what happens to throw her back into the midst of the purge?

2. Who summons Ginzburg after Elvov's arrest; what do they want with her, and how does she respond?

3. Describe the interrogation of Ginzburg by Livanov.

4. What does a friendly soldier tell Ginzburg on her way back to Butyrki after her trial?

5. Who is Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg and why is she awakened early in the morning on December 1, 1934?

6. How do the prisoners communicate in Krasin, and what disturbing piece of news does Ginzburg receive in one such communication?

7. What does Ira ask Tsarevsky to do as she and others are being transferred and what does his willingness to do so portend?

8. Who is Ginzburg's first cellmate at Black Lake?

9. What is mentioned about the Red Tatary and why does Ginzburg threaten one prisoner in French?

10. How is Ginzburg's mother-in-law described and what does she advise Ginzburg?

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