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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the women happy to do?
(a) Clean up the prison grounds for a chance to be outside.
(b) Cook meals in the kitchen after the cook dies.
(c) Share what they each have.
(d) Help cut each other's hair.

2. Who is Zinaida Tulub?
(a) A physician.
(b) An historical novelist.
(c) A physicist.
(d) A biologist.

3. Who is Vasily Petukhov?
(a) A doctor from Leningrad.
(b) A lawyer from Moscow.
(c) A guard who often whips prisoners.
(d) The new prison camp director.

4. Whom does Ginzburg have in mind as she is writing her memoirs?
(a) Her husband.
(b) Her grandson.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Her granddaughter.

5. Why does Ginzburg consider herself lucky as far as her sentence?
(a) The communists had not started the mandatory twenty-five year sentences.
(b) The terrorist aspect of the charge was dropped or she might have received life.
(c) She received less than her husband.
(d) She could have been given as much as "Grandma" Nastya received.

6. What is familiar about the journey the women are making?
(a) There's good medical care.
(b) They are each given two sets of good clothing.
(c) They have fairly decent food.
(d) It still has searches, meal routines and ration stops.

7. Why does Ginzburg believe she was lucky not to have signed anything?
(a) She might have received a longer sentence.
(b) She might have been sent to a worse prison.
(c) When Stalin is out of power, she might have been ostracized.
(d) A woman who did so is executed.

8. What do both Ginzburg and Julia wonder?
(a) If the new warden will be better.
(b) If their children are suffering.
(c) If they will make it out of prison alive.
(d) If their husbands are still alive.

9. What is different about the women in Hut 7?
(a) They have more freedom than the others.
(b) They are convicted murderesses.
(c) They are under the greatest restrictions.
(d) They are politically the highest group.

10. How does Ginzburg characterize the last group of women brought on board the ship?
(a) As hardened labor camp refugees.
(b) As those suffering for their religious beliefs.
(c) As true criminals.
(d) As innocent peasants.

11. What does Ginzburg learn at the end of June?
(a) Her mother had died.
(b) Her son has left the Soviet Union.
(c) Her husband has been released.
(d) Her father has died.

12. What happens that brightens the prisoners' lives?
(a) The library is reopened.
(b) They are allowed weekly visitors.
(c) They receive reductions in their sentences for good behavior.
(d) They are allowed monthly visitors.

13. How are the sections divided up at the transfer camp?
(a) By region.
(b) By gender.
(c) By crimes.
(d) By age.

14. What can Ginzburg not believe in reflecting upon what has happened to herself and others?
(a) More people didn't die in the terrible conditions.
(b) It really could happen.
(c) She survived the horrors.
(d) She meets so many people who went through the same things she did.

15. What is done over the next three days?
(a) Medical inspections.
(b) Re-trials for some prisoners.
(c) Indoctrination begins.
(d) Good food is distributed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to what they see?

2. What does Yaroslavsky open the cell window to give Ginzburg?

3. When is Ginzburg freed?

4. Why does Ginzburg hide the fact that she is ill?

5. What do the two women do at night instead of sleeping?

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