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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what does Nabob accuse Ginzburg?
(a) Buying more than her rations of things from the commissary.
(b) Singing in her cell.
(c) Hoarding food.
(d) Writing and passing notes to other prisoners.

2. Who is "Grandma" Nastya?
(a) The only other woman who receives a ten-year sentence.
(b) The only woman who receives a fifteen year sentence.
(c) The only woman who is acquitted.
(d) The woman who receives the shortest sentence.

3. What is crawling with insects?
(a) The slop pails.
(b) Bad sugar Ginzburg bought from the prison commissary.
(c) The halls and cells.
(d) The underground cell.

4. What news does "Northern Worker" carry?
(a) Stalin's grave illness.
(b) Lenin's widow's death.
(c) Purge in the Party's ranks.
(d) News of Lenin's son's death.

5. What happens when Ginzburg exercises in her cell?
(a) She is told it is forbidden.
(b) She gets bad shin splints from the stone floor.
(c) She gets sick from breathing the moldy air.
(d) She slips on the stone.

6. What is Elgen like compared to Kolyma?
(a) It is very small in comparison.
(b) Much worse.
(c) About the same.
(d) The work is much easier.

7. Who is Yezhov?
(a) A Party organizer.
(b) A close advisor to Stalin.
(c) The new prison Governor.
(d) The former Commissar-General.

8. With what are Ginzburg and Julia becoming disillusioned?
(a) The prospect of vindication.
(b) The prospects of an early release.
(c) The prospect of better conditions in the prison.
(d) The Soviet system.

9. About what does Julia become optimistic?
(a) They would be released soon.
(b) She and Ginzburg would be transferred to a more humane prison.
(c) The new prison Governor would be more benevolent.
(d) Her husband would get permission to visit her.

10. How does Ginzburg characterize Marya Dogadkina?
(a) A devil.
(b) An illiterate peasant.
(c) A pleasant but incompetent supervisor.
(d) An angel.

11. What are Ginzburg to be allowed to do?
(a) Work in the Governor's home.
(b) Go outside every day.
(c) Work in the prison library.
(d) Work in the prison kitchen.

12. What does Polina Melnikova explain to the new prisoners?
(a) How to make ice shelters.
(b) How to stay warm in the cold.
(c) How to cheat the quota system.
(d) How to find trees that have a weakness and can be cut more easily.

13. Where is Ginzburg assigned?
(a) To the children's hospital.
(b) To the camp library.
(c) To the laundry rooms.
(d) To the kitchen crew.

14. Whom does Ginzburg finally meet face-to-face?
(a) Her husband.
(b) Marianovitch.
(c) Olga.
(d) Her mysterious "angel."

15. About what do the female prisoners disagree?
(a) The need to "behave."
(b) The innate goodness of humanity.
(c) The need for purges.
(d) Stalin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Ginzburg believe are dying off or being killed?

2. What happens when Ginzburg and Karepova are put in a cell together?

3. What is Julia determined to see?

4. What does Vasily Petukhov notice when he sees Ginzburg?

5. How are the sections divided up at the transfer camp?

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