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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is done over the next three days?
(a) Medical inspections.
(b) Re-trials for some prisoners.
(c) Good food is distributed.
(d) Indoctrination begins.

2. Why are Julia and Ginzburg put outside for an hour and a half?
(a) So they can get some Vitamin D from the sunshine.
(b) So the guards can hose down the cells.
(c) So the guards can contain the fire.
(d) So the other prisoners do not hear them complain.

3. Whom does Ginzburg have in mind as she is writing her memoirs?
(a) Her grandson.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Her granddaughter.
(d) Her husband.

4. How is Julia and Ginzburg's existence described?
(a) Bleak.
(b) Fairly comfortable.
(c) Dismal.
(d) Structured.

5. What is different about the women in Hut 7?
(a) They are convicted murderesses.
(b) They are politically the highest group.
(c) They have more freedom than the others.
(d) They are under the greatest restrictions.

6. What are the prisoners told to do before being transferred?
(a) To submit to a lice examination.
(b) To leave all their possessions behind in their cells.
(c) To wash and pair off.
(d) To write and let their families know they are being transferred.

7. What does Ginzburg write?
(a) A treatise on the abuses of the Soviet system.
(b) A chapbook of poetry.
(c) An appeal to the head of the Politburo.
(d) A novel about her childhood.

8. What are the women happy to do?
(a) Cook meals in the kitchen after the cook dies.
(b) Help cut each other's hair.
(c) Clean up the prison grounds for a chance to be outside.
(d) Share what they each have.

9. How old is Ginzburg when she is writing this book?
(a) 50s.
(b) 60s.
(c) 70s.
(d) 40s.

10. Who puts on a show for the camp?
(a) Prisoners in Hut 7.
(b) No one.
(c) Prisoners in Ginzburg's hut.
(d) Soviets in the nearby town.

11. Who is Angelina Klimenko?
(a) A secret police investigator.
(b) A nurse who used to work in the fields as a peasant.
(c) A prison guard.
(d) A physician and the wife of a secret police investigator.

12. Who does Ginzburg believe are dying off or being killed?
(a) All her friends.
(b) Most of the original Party founders.
(c) Most of the men and women who have college degrees.
(d) Older, decent people.

13. Who is Vasily Petukhov?
(a) A doctor from Leningrad.
(b) The new prison camp director.
(c) A guard who often whips prisoners.
(d) A lawyer from Moscow.

14. How does Ginzburg characterize Marya Dogadkina?
(a) A devil.
(b) An angel.
(c) A pleasant but incompetent supervisor.
(d) An illiterate peasant.

15. To what task is Ginzburg assigned in Elgen?
(a) Sewing.
(b) Farming.
(c) Quarry work.
(d) Felling timber.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ginzburg characterize the last group of women brought on board the ship?

2. To which hut is Ginzburg assigned after leaving the infirmary?

3. Why does Ginzburg hide the fact that she is ill?

4. Who surrounds the women as they march to the camp?

5. Where is Ginzburg assigned?

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