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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Ginzburg taken?
(a) The offices of the Moscow Secret Police.
(b) Lefortovo prison.
(c) The Crimean Prison.
(d) The Warden's office.

2. What are the sounds in the middle of the night?
(a) The rats gnawing on the pallets.
(b) Screams from torturing going on.
(c) Old pipes rattling.
(d) No one knows.

3. Where is Ginzburg sent at the opening of Chapter 19?
(a) Home.
(b) Siberia.
(c) St. Petersburg.
(d) Krasin Street Prison.

4. What does the lack enable?
(a) A sense of despair that they are killing the older party members.
(b) Scurvy and other diseases.
(c) Prisoners to communicate freely.
(d) Cruel treatment by the guards and prisoners.

5. Why is Ginzburg sent home?
(a) To await her sentence.
(b) To settle her personal affairs.
(c) The charges were held in abeyance.
(d) The charges against her were dropped.

6. What is the ultimate outcome of the party meeting?
(a) Ginzbug is reprimanded, but it is later canceled.
(b) Ginzburg's status is lowered at the University.
(c) Ginzburg is told she can give no more public lectures for two years.
(d) Ginzburg must submit a vociferously-worded condemnation of Trotsky.

7. Where is Ginzburg put after her initial interrogations?
(a) In a courtyard with tents for shelter.
(b) In a cellar.
(c) In a bleak prison with stone walls.
(d) In a dormitory with other political offenders.

8. Who summons Ginzburg?
(a) The politburo in Moscow.
(b) The deputy chief of the Moscow Communist party.
(c) The district committee.
(d) The head of the GGP.

9. Who is Comrade Beylin?
(a) The new Chariman of the Bureau of Party Political Control.
(b) Stalin's son-in-law and head of the Foreign Propaganda office.
(c) The head of the local GPU.
(d) A doctor who gives Ginzburg a slip saying she was ill.

10. To what series of books has Elvov contributed an article?
(a) A series on the famous painters of Russia.
(b) A series on the fall of Czar Nicholas II.
(c) A series on the history of the Communist Party.
(d) A series on the famous writers of Russia.

11. Why does Pitkovskaya condemn her husband?
(a) He beat her all the time.
(b) He was going to make up lies about her involvement with Elvov.
(c) He was embezzling.
(d) She loves the Party more than she loves him.

12. For how long does this form of interrogation last?
(a) 3 days.
(b) A few hours.
(c) 7 days.
(d) Several weeks.

13. Who is one person Zinaida Abramova says has been arrested?
(a) Tukhachevsky.
(b) The son of her best friend.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Her next-door-neighbor.

14. Who is Yefrem?
(a) A secret police guard.
(b) A man who offers the prisoners some food when the truck is stopped.
(c) A driver of the Black Maria.
(d) One of Ginzburg's former students.

15. To where has Ginzburg's case been referred?
(a) Her case has been dismissed.
(b) The Military Intelligence branch of investigations.
(c) Back to her home town council.
(d) The Supreme Court of the Soviet Union.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is significant about the date February 15, 1937?

2. Why does Ginzburg pass out?

3. Who is Lyama Shepel?

4. To what does Ginzburg attribute her not signing anything that was false?

5. What happens after a period of regular interrogations?

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