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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What form of communications does Ginzburg learn?
(a) Knocking on walls.
(b) A form of shorthand.
(c) Number codes.
(d) Music.

2. What does Lydia tell Ginzburg that God does?
(a) Watches over fatherless children.
(b) Exacts vengeance.
(c) Triumphs in the end.
(d) Punishes wicked doers.

3. Why does a Chinese prisoner laugh one day during head count?
(a) The warden trips over a threshold.
(b) One warden has trouble counting past twenty.
(c) One warden continually miscounts the prisoners.
(d) One prisoner is missing a leg and says he should only count as 1/2 a person.

4. What does Livanov ask Ginzburg concerning Elvov?
(a) How Ginzburg knew Elvov.
(b) Whether Elvov and Ginzburg were having an affair.
(c) If Elvov ever passed secret documents to Ginzburg.
(d) Why Ginzburg wrote several letters to Elvov supporting his ideas.

5. Who is Yefrem?
(a) A man who offers the prisoners some food when the truck is stopped.
(b) A secret police guard.
(c) A driver of the Black Maria.
(d) One of Ginzburg's former students.

6. What does Ginzburg do when she explodes in anger at this latest charge?
(a) Tries to kill herself.
(b) Curses Stalin.
(c) Denounces Yaroslavsky.
(d) Denounces her husband.

7. What is the ultimate outcome of the party meeting?
(a) Ginzburg must submit a vociferously-worded condemnation of Trotsky.
(b) Ginzbug is reprimanded, but it is later canceled.
(c) Ginzburg's status is lowered at the University.
(d) Ginzburg is told she can give no more public lectures for two years.

8. What does Sagidullin think is the reason for the current purge?
(a) To kill off anyone that might challenge Stalin.
(b) To trim the party, which had stopped being such an elite organization.
(c) There does not seem to be a reason for it.
(d) To get Stalin's cronies into all the important positions in the government.

9. What is returned to Ginzburg?
(a) Her money.
(b) Her papers.
(c) Her dentures.
(d) Her watch.

10. What eventually stops this first round of the new type of interrogations?
(a) A new prisoner takes their attention away from her.
(b) Ginzburg asks to speak to Elvov.
(c) Ginzburg confesses and signs what they want her to sign.
(d) Ginzburg blacks out.

11. Where is Ginzburg put after her initial interrogations?
(a) In a dormitory with other political offenders.
(b) In a courtyard with tents for shelter.
(c) In a cellar.
(d) In a bleak prison with stone walls.

12. Why is Ginzburg's watch inaccurate?
(a) Its battery is run down.
(b) It has not been wound since she entered prison.
(c) The dampness of the prison has rusted it.
(d) She forgot to wind it sometimes in prison and only guessed at the time when resetting it.

13. What do Ginzburg, Rimma, Ira and Julia discover?
(a) They are all unwilling to compromise their beliefs.
(b) They are the only women transferred to Moscow.
(c) They are bonding over the stress of prison.
(d) They have one thing in common that may have led to their arrests.

14. Who is Comrade Beylin?
(a) The head of the local GPU.
(b) The new Chariman of the Bureau of Party Political Control.
(c) Stalin's son-in-law and head of the Foreign Propaganda office.
(d) A doctor who gives Ginzburg a slip saying she was ill.

15. Who summons Ginzburg?
(a) The district committee.
(b) The deputy chief of the Moscow Communist party.
(c) The head of the GGP.
(d) The politburo in Moscow.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Ginzburg's trial last?

2. Who is Milda?

3. What incenses Ginzburg about how her answers are recorded?

4. What does Milda encourage Ginzburg to do?

5. What happens when the Chinese prisoner laughs?

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