Journey Into the Whirlwind Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg and why is she awakened early in the morning on December 1, 1934?

Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg is awakened at four in the morning by a telephone call on December 1, 1934. As a loyal Communist, Ginzburg actively serves the party as a teacher, and her husband Pavel Aksyonova works for the Tartar Province Committee of the Communist Party. The telephone call directs her to report to the regional committee office.

2. Who is Professor Elvov and how does he have bearing on Ginzburg's life?

Professor Elvov has been a Party-approved professor. He is thirty-three years of age and has a son. He is a prominent speaker in the Party. He also comes to apologize to Ginzburg because his association with her may prove costly for her. They have known each other since 1932, and they have collaborated on a handful of projects together.

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