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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Chapter 9, Salvation from Heaven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Ginzburg believe are dying off or being killed?
(a) Most of the original Party founders.
(b) All her friends.
(c) Most of the men and women who have college degrees.
(d) Older, decent people.

2. Why does Ginzburg consider herself lucky as far as her sentence?
(a) The communists had not started the mandatory twenty-five year sentences.
(b) She received less than her husband.
(c) The terrorist aspect of the charge was dropped or she might have received life.
(d) She could have been given as much as "Grandma" Nastya received.

3. What does Ginzburg notice is lacking where she is now?
(a) Discipline.
(b) Kindness.
(c) Older party members.
(d) Decent food.

4. What does Ginzburg call her mother-in-law?
(a) Mrs. Aksyonnova.
(b) Avdo.
(c) Grandmother.
(d) Mother.

5. Why are Julia and Ginzburg put outside for an hour and a half?
(a) So the guards can contain the fire.
(b) So the guards can hose down the cells.
(c) So they can get some Vitamin D from the sunshine.
(d) So the other prisoners do not hear them complain.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what month and year are Ginzburg and the others transferred?

2. What does Nabob sentence Ginzburg to do?

3. What are Ginzburg to be allowed to do?

4. How does Ginzburg characterize the last group of women brought on board the ship?

5. What language does Ginzburg know that helps her get an easier assignment?

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