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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I, Chapter 13, The Investigators Have Conclusive Evidence | Part I, Chapter 14, Stick and Carrot.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do many people believe they are safe from arrest?
(a) They are not active in politics.
(b) They teach in very remote areas.
(c) They have been given medals from Stalin.
(d) They are loyal party members.

2. Who is Lyama Shepel?
(a) Ginzburg's family servant.
(b) A cook at the prison.
(c) One of the interrogators.
(d) Ginzburg's cell mate.

3. What does Ginzburg say in her letter to the secret police?
(a) She confesses to everything of which she is accused.
(b) She criticizes them for their methods.
(c) She asks forgiveness from the party.
(d) She absolves her family in her crimes.

4. Where is Elvov now according to Tsarevsky?
(a) In the same cellar as Ginzburg.
(b) At his home.
(c) In the Gulag.
(d) Dead.

5. Who is Captain Vevers?
(a) The man who tries to be kind to Ginzburg in prison.
(b) The head of the secret police in Moscow.
(c) The man who forces the interrogator to be humane when questioning Ginzburg.
(d) The man who interrogates Ginzburg.

Short Answer Questions

1. What incenses Ginzburg about how her answers are recorded?

2. Why is Ginsburg sad on September 1, 1935?

3. What happens on Red Army Day?

4. How does Ginzburg describe Stalin?

5. Who is Comrade Beylin?

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