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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I, Chapter 13, The Investigators Have Conclusive Evidence | Part I, Chapter 14, Stick and Carrot.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Comrade Beylin?
(a) A doctor who gives Ginzburg a slip saying she was ill.
(b) Stalin's son-in-law and head of the Foreign Propaganda office.
(c) The head of the local GPU.
(d) The new Chariman of the Bureau of Party Political Control.

2. Where is Ginzburg put after her initial interrogations?
(a) In a cellar.
(b) In a dormitory with other political offenders.
(c) In a bleak prison with stone walls.
(d) In a courtyard with tents for shelter.

3. Who is Alyosha?
(a) Ginzburg's brother who disappears.
(b) Ginzburg's best friend who disappears.
(c) The judge that sentences Ginzburg.
(d) Ginzburg's oldest son.

4. What is Ginzburg told in the meeting?
(a) She is exonerated of all but three minor charges.
(b) She is expelled from the Communist Party.
(c) She is to be executed.
(d) She is to go work on a communal farm and teach there.

5. Why is Ginsburg sad on September 1, 1935?
(a) She is no longer allowed to teach and it's the first day of school.
(b) It is the anniversary of when her young son had died.
(c) It is the anniversary of when her young daughter had died.
(d) It is the anniversary of when she first started teaching.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ginzburg consider as she is traveling back to Moscow?

2. Who summons Ginzburg?

3. What is the criminal offense of which Ginzburg is now accused?

4. What does Ginzburg want to prove?

5. What does Yaroslavsky do concening Ginzburg?

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