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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I, Chapter 33, Five Steps by Three | Part I, Chapter 34, Major Weinstock's Twenty-Two Commandments.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ginzburg say in her letter to the secret police?
(a) She confesses to everything of which she is accused.
(b) She absolves her family in her crimes.
(c) She asks forgiveness from the party.
(d) She criticizes them for their methods.

2. How does Ginzburg view the hearings against her and others?
(a) Self-serving.
(b) They are conducted by incompetent judges.
(c) Honest but flawed.
(d) Corrupt and hypocritical.

3. What does Livanov ask Ginzburg concerning Elvov?
(a) Why Ginzburg wrote several letters to Elvov supporting his ideas.
(b) How Ginzburg knew Elvov.
(c) Whether Elvov and Ginzburg were having an affair.
(d) If Elvov ever passed secret documents to Ginzburg.

4. What does Milda encourage Ginzburg to do?
(a) To stop up her ears with cotton.
(b) To sing when she wakes in the morning.
(c) To teach her to read.
(d) To rat on other prisoners.

5. What happens when Ginzburg exercises in her cell?
(a) She gets bad shin splints from the stone floor.
(b) She slips on the stone.
(c) She is told it is forbidden.
(d) She gets sick from breathing the moldy air.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Nina in prison?

2. What are the sounds in the middle of the night?

3. What incenses Ginzburg about how her answers are recorded?

4. What does Ginzburg do when she explodes in anger at this latest charge?

5. Why does a Chinese prisoner laugh one day during head count?

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