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Tartary - The region that is home to Eugenia Ginzburg and her family.

Black Lake - A lakeside resort town, which is the location of a Soviet secret police barracks.

Butyrki Prison - The nightmarish place to which Eugenia Ginzburg, Julia Karepova, and hundreds of other convicted women are sent.

Kolyma - A forced labor camp located in Siberia.

Elgen - A remote forced labor camp where Ginzburg is ultimately sent and nearly dies.

Moscow - The capital of Soviet Russia.

Fish Bone Needles - Prisoners use these to mend clothing.

Sugar - Prisoners are given two cubes of this a day.

Money - In some prisons, like Butyrki, prisoners may receive this from their relatives.

Paper - This can be purchased from the prison stores..

Clothing - The women carefully tend and mend this as it is in short supply in prison.

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