Journey Into the Whirlwind Character Descriptions

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Professor Elvov - He contributes to a multi-volume history of the Communist Party and is later called a Trotsky sympathizer.

Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg - She is a loyal Communist Party member and teacher who is falsely accused of terrorism.

Lieutenant Tsarevsky - A member of the State Security who appears at Ginzburg's hearings at Black Lake.

Julia Karepova - A biologist who is Ginzburg's cellmate at Butyrki Prison.

Ira Yegreva - This young graduate student was falsely accused of belonging to a conservative group was imprisoned for the crime.

Lyama Shepel - The wealthy twenty-two year old daughter of a railroad magnate.

Major Yelshin - He is responsible for Ginzburg being labeled a terrorist.

Sergey Kirov - He is assassinated on December 1, 1934, in Leningrad.

Pavel Aksyonova - He is a leading Party member of the Tartar Province Committee and is often away on business.

Avdotya - A...

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