Journey Into the Whirlwind Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part I, Chapter 1, A Telephone Call at Dawn | Part I, Chapter 2, The Red-Haired Professor

• Eugenia Ginzburg, a teacher and loyal communist is directed to deliver the news to factories that Sergy Kirov has been assassinated.

• Eugenia's husband, Pavel, works for the Tartar Province. Eugenia has been told that the assassin was a communist. She is frightened by this news.

• Professor Elvov visits Eugenia and has said that a section in an article by him has been targeted by Stalin and labeled "Trotsykyist."

• Elvov is arrested in the middle of the night on the day he told Eugenia about the censor on his articles.

• Eugenia is fearful but convinced she was not in danger as she was a loyal communist.

Part I, Chapter 3, Prelude | Part I, Chapter 4, Snowball

• Eugenia is denounced at a Party meeting for not condemning Elvov. She defends herself by saying no one in their area...

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