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The Council Beach

This place is the area where the Council Flock deliberates and condemns Jonathan to exile for his experiments in aerodynamics.

The Council Flock

This is the name of the governing body of the seagull Flock, which condemns Jonathan for reckless irresponsibility and violating the dignity and tradition of the Gull Family after his historic aeronautic flight. It exiles the new Outcast to the Far Cliffs.

The Far Cliffs

The traditional place of exile for Outcasts from the Flock, these lie west of Council Beach and are where Jonathan gathers his first six followers.

The Fishing Grounds

This is the name for the offshore waters where the Flock mass at meal times to scavenge for scraps, assuming there is nothing more to life than filling one's body. Jonathan usually flies at a distance from them, practicing his techniques and being mocked.

The Flock

This is some...

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