Jonathan Livingston Seagull Fun Activities

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Create an Advertisement for Flying Lessons

Have students create a mock brochure or flyer that would advertise Jonathan's flying lessons. What might the price be? What might the sales pitch be?

Learning about Gulls

Have students each do some research on sea gulls and come up with at least 10 facts they can share with the class - the more obscure the better.

Listen to the Band

Yes, there is a band from the 1980s called "Flock of Seagulls." Have students listen to their one hit wonder as well as research to find out where they got their name.

The Art of Flying

Have students research the physics of flying to understand how it is birds can fly at all. What's involved? What birds are the best flyers?

What's Your Single Purpose?

While Jonathan is always trying to better himself, the other gulls just have one purpose to which...

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