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Part 1

• The Breakfast Flock of 1000 seagulls surrounds a fishing boat.

• Jonathan Livingston Seagull practices flying slowly away from the others.

• Jonathan wants to learn about flying, rather than flying as just a way to get food.

• Jonathan continues to practice and to fail in his efforts.

• Jonathan hears a voice in his head and decides that maybe he should just become a regular gull.

• Jonathan becomes lost in his thoughts when he ends up perfecting his dive.

• Jonathan continues to try flying maneuvers, learning how small changes can alter his direction.

• Jonathan learns how to perform aerobatics, the first from any gull on earth.

• He realizes gulls do not have to settle for a drab life and wants to teach others his skills.

• As a result, the Council of Gathering banishes Jonathan, making him an Outcast.

• Jonathan spends his days alone at the Far Cliffs, continuing to practice...

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