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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is in command of the farmer-soldiers?
(a) Dr. Warren
(b) Rab's grandfather
(c) Rab
(d) Paul Revere

2. What is the ratio of the British to American soldiers at the first battle?
(a) 100:1
(b) 10:5
(c) 10:1
(d) 1:1

3. Where do Mr. and Mrs. Lorne hide out?
(a) Carriage house
(b) Stable
(c) Post office
(d) Schoolhouse

4. Who discovers that Dr. Warren and Rab have been injured?
(a) Johnny
(b) Lavinia Lyte
(c) Uncle Lorne
(d) Cilla

5. Where do the spies meet in secret?
(a) Bunch of Grapes
(b) The Green Dragon
(c) King's Coffee House
(d) Boston Observer

Short Answer Questions

1. What item do Cilla and Johnny retrieve from the house?

2. Why does Paul Revere refuse to confide in Doctor Church?

3. Who serves as Colonel Smith's groom?

4. Who is executed for desertion?

5. Where does Johnny go to search for Dr. Warren and Rab?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the Lyte Bible important to Johnny?

2. Why did the British leave Lexington after the confrontation on the North Bridge?

3. Why did Pumpkin want to desert the British military?

4. How did Johnny feel when Pumpkin was executed?

5. Why would the British want to commandeer horses belonging to somebody else?

6. Explain how Johnny felt when he couldn't find anyone at the Silsbee farm.

7. Why would it be helpful to know where the British troops were going?

8. Why did the Observers continue to meet even though it was dangerous?

9. How is Johnny able to help the spies gain information from the British?

10. How do the British retaliate for the lost tea?

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