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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rab's medal of a tree represents what secret society?
(a) Washington's Warriors
(b) Colonists for Britain
(c) Sons of Liberty
(d) Observers

2. What animal did Rab save from being butchered?
(a) Pigeon
(b) Dog
(c) Horse
(d) Cat

3. On which street does Sam Adams live?
(a) Salt Lane
(b) Purchase Street
(c) Beacon Street
(d) Governor's Row

4. Where do the Observers meet?
(a) Boston Common
(b) In an attic
(c) Faneuil Hall
(d) At the Boston Observer office

5. Who is the new partner of the silversmith shop?
(a) John Hancock
(b) Jonathon Lyte
(c) Percival Tweedie
(d) Rab Silsbee

Short Answer Questions

1. Who alerts Johnny and Rab to the approach of the British ships?

2. What is Rab's last name?

3. Who of these is not one of Lyte's clerks?

4. Which of these traits does not describe Johnny when he was looking for a job?

5. What does Johnny NOT do at the Lorne house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Mrs. Lapham's motivation for taking on Mr. Tweedie?

2. Why would Dove choose to give Johnny a cracked crucible?

3. Explain the scheme by which the Observers were notified of their meeting time.

4. If John Hancock was impressed with Johnny, why wasn't Johnny hired?

5. Why would the British want to commandeer horses belonging to somebody else?

6. Why was Johnny so upset with Isannah when she recoiled from his touch?

7. Why would Pumpkin save Johnny?

8. Why did the British leave Lexington after the confrontation on the North Bridge?

9. Why did Mr. Lyte have witnesses to say that Johnny returned the cup?

10. Explain how Johnny felt when he couldn't find anyone at the Silsbee farm.

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