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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Dr. Warren shot?
(a) In the arm
(b) In the foot
(c) In the back
(d) In the head

2. What does Johnny give in return for a uniform and gun?
(a) Money
(b) Hiding place
(c) Disguise
(d) Silver knife

3. Where does Johnny go to see the British troops retreating to Boston?
(a) Boston Harbor
(b) Boston Common
(c) Breed's Hill
(d) Beacon Hill

4. Where is the first battle held?
(a) Silsbee Cove
(b) Concord
(c) Beacon Hill
(d) Lexington

5. The spy system is comprised of thirty men in what type of trade?
(a) Soldiers
(b) Livery attendants
(c) Tavern owners
(d) Master craftsmen

6. What disguise does Johnny use to gain information?
(a) British private
(b) Farmer
(c) Whig
(d) Stable hand

7. What is the name of the cook at the Lyte house?
(a) Priscilla
(b) Mavis
(c) Bessie
(d) Beatrice

8. Johnny is angered by whose skimpy costume?
(a) Isannah's
(b) Cilla's
(c) Bessie's
(d) Madge's

9. Which British officer tries to make friends with the people of Boston?
(a) Captain Smith
(b) Lieutenant Stranger
(c) General Gage
(d) Sergeant Gale

10. Which of these men was one of the only leaders to be trusted with secret information?
(a) John Adams
(b) Uncle Lorne
(c) Doctor Church
(d) Paul Revere

11. What happens when Johnny goes to the Silsbee farm?
(a) The British have arrested Rab's grandfather
(b) Rab's grandfather invites Johnny in for a meal
(c) Nobody is there
(d) The farm has been burned down

12. What does Gage call training for the troops?
(a) New evolutions
(b) Combat class
(c) Warfare preparation
(d) Infantry school

13. Who are the only civilians allowed near the ferry slip in North Boston?
(a) Town leaders
(b) Clergy
(c) Doctors
(d) Midwifes

14. Where did the British fight in Concord?
(a) Breed's Hill
(b) North Church
(c) Harper's Ferry
(d) North Bridge

15. Who organizes the spy system?
(a) Dove
(b) Rab
(c) Paul Revere
(d) Mr. Lapham

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the ratio of the British to American soldiers at the first battle?

2. What group planned to head off the British?

3. Who falls in love with a British soldier?

4. Who is in command of the farmer-soldiers?

5. Who discovers that Dr. Warren and Rab have been injured?

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