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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To which division of the British Army does Lieutenant Stranger belong?
(a) Scouts
(b) Grenadiers
(c) Calvary
(d) Light infantry

2. Who falls in love with a British soldier?
(a) Cilla
(b) Dorcas
(c) Isannah
(d) Madge

3. Who does Johnny say should not be treated like cordwood?
(a) Redcoats
(b) Children
(c) Privates
(d) Grooms

4. Who serves as Colonel Smith's groom?
(a) Pumpkin
(b) Dusty
(c) Dove
(d) Johnny

5. Who did British Soldiers attempt to arrest?
(a) Mr. Lapham
(b) Sam Adams
(c) Paul Revere
(d) Observers

6. Where does Rab go with his new gun?
(a) Philadelphia
(b) Concord
(c) Bunker Hill
(d) Lexington

7. Who discovers that Dr. Warren and Rab have been injured?
(a) Lavinia Lyte
(b) Uncle Lorne
(c) Cilla
(d) Johnny

8. Who does Paul Revere warn about the fighting at Lexington?
(a) Billy Dawes
(b) Sam Adams
(c) Josiah Quincy
(d) Dr. Warren

9. What inspired the Observers to institute a spy system?
(a) A surprise attack at Breed's Hill
(b) The Redcoats stole their ammunition
(c) To attempt to rob couriers
(d) Several horses go missing

10. Where is the location of the Lytes' country home?
(a) Boston
(b) Milton
(c) Lexington
(d) Philadelphia

11. Who makes the speech at the last Observers meeting?
(a) John Hancock
(b) Patrick Henry
(c) James Otis
(d) Sam Adams

12. Who is determined to warn the Minute Men?
(a) John Hancock
(b) James Otis
(c) Paul Revere
(d) Rab

13. What objects were used to warn the colonists of the oncoming British?
(a) Lanterns
(b) Cannons
(c) Gunshots
(d) Fires

14. Which item is not used to make gunpowder?
(a) Sulphur
(b) Saltpeter
(c) Charcoal
(d) Lead

15. What does Johnny find in the Lyte Bible?
(a) A letter from his mother
(b) Deed to the Lyte mansion
(c) Gold coins
(d) Family history

Short Answer Questions

1. Who continues to publish the Observer?

2. What is John Adams' occupation?

3. Who sails off to London with the Lytes?

4. Where do Mr. and Mrs. Lorne hide out?

5. What does Johnny give in return for a uniform and gun?

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