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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10 Disperse Ye Rebels.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused Johnny's accident?
(a) Broken hammer
(b) A cracked crucible
(c) Furnace exploded
(d) Runaway Horse

2. What is the name of Lyte's clerk?
(a) Sewall
(b) Smith
(c) Jehu
(d) Jonathan

3. Who is responsible for Johnny's accident?
(a) Dusty
(b) Johnny
(c) Dove
(d) Mrs. Lapham

4. What inspired the Observers to institute a spy system?
(a) To attempt to rob couriers
(b) The Redcoats stole their ammunition
(c) Several horses go missing
(d) A surprise attack at Breed's Hill

5. Who did not testify at Johnny's trial?
(a) Isannah
(b) Jonathon Lyte
(c) Cilla
(d) Rab

Short Answer Questions

1. What present does Johnny buy for Isannah?

2. What was Johnny's mother's occupation?

3. Where was Johnny born?

4. Who is a member of the Provincial Congress?

5. How does Johnny prove to Merchant Lyte that they are related?

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