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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 The Boston Observer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item is used to stoke a furnace?
(a) Fan
(b) Copper tube
(c) Paper
(d) Bellows

2. Why does Johnny leave the Lapham house?
(a) Johnny and Mr. Lapham have an argument
(b) He has to find a new job
(c) Johnny fights with Mrs. Lapham's daughters
(d) Johnny is caught stealing

3. What is the name of the area where most of the shops are located?
(a) Boston Common
(b) Quincy Market
(c) Hancock's Wharf
(d) Beacon Hill

4. What was Johnny's punishment for stealing the silver cup?
(a) Nothing, he was acquitted.
(b) Three days in the stocks
(c) Indentured servitude to Merchant Lyte
(d) Johnny had to pay a fine

5. How does Johnny prove to Merchant Lyte that they are related?
(a) Johnny produces the family Bible
(b) Lyte sees Johnny's birth certificate
(c) By showing the silver cup
(d) Johnny's mother tells Lyte

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Mrs. Lapham change her mind about Cilla going to court?

2. How many Saturdays per month did Johnny have off from work?

3. Who of these does not serve as an apprentice?

4. Why was Johnny arrested?

5. What animal did Rab save from being butchered?

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