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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Joe see Laurette after graduation?
(a) He has fallen in love with Diane.
(b) He has decided to wait for marriage.
(c) She doesn't want to see him.
(d) She is on vacation and his family moves.

2. What does Joe's father tell him in a daydream?
(a) Life is better than death.
(b) Death is better than worrying.
(c) Joe will be joining him soon.
(d) Death and life are the same.

3. How does Joe feel after the man tells him what he says in question #175?
(a) He is joyfully surprised.
(b) He is hopeful.
(c) He feels supported.
(d) He has no hope.

4. What does Joe think about his teachers?
(a) He learned a lot from them.
(b) He wonders what they would think of him now.
(c) They never taught him anything.
(d) He remembers they thought he was dumb.

5. What does Joe realize now that he has "trapped" time?
(a) He can count minutes.
(b) Dawn can never be taken away from him.
(c) He will know sunset too.
(d) He will always know what time it is.

6. How does Joe feel about those who hold him?
(a) That they are Satan's messengers.
(b) That they are inhumane.
(c) That they are sadistic.
(d) That they are angels.

7. What is the first question asked of Joe?
(a) "What do you want?"
(b) "What is your name?"
(c) "Where do you want to go?"
(d) "How are you?"

8. What does Joe do when he realizes he can feel the dawn?
(a) He flips over.
(b) He relaxes and sings in his mind.
(c) He starts to count minutes.
(d) He feels sad he can't see it.

9. What month and year was Joe injured?
(a) June, 1918.
(b) September, 1918.
(c) March, 1919.
(d) April, 1917.

10. Why won't the Scotchman fight the Bavarian?
(a) He thinks their crown prince is the rightful king of England.
(b) His father is Bavarian.
(c) His mother is Bavarian.
(d) He is related to the Bavarian crown prince.

11. What do new nurses do with Joe?
(a) Treat him roughly.
(b) Treat him gently.
(c) Uncover him and stare awhile.
(d) Talk endlessly to him.

12. Why did Bonnie Flannigan say hello to Joe?
(a) She's looking for customers.
(b) She recognized him from Shale City.
(c) She thinks he's good looking.
(d) She mistook him for somone else.

13. What is the new nurse writing on Joe's chest?
(a) Merry Christmas.
(b) Happy Easter.
(c) The war is over.
(d) Who are you.

14. What is one thing Joe says can be invented as a result of others seeing him?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A better prothesis.
(c) New nursery rhymes.
(d) A better way to let soldiers die with dignity.

15. What is Joe's concern about asking for something?
(a) That they will misunderstand.
(b) That the government is already spending huge sums to keep him alive.
(c) That it is silly to expect anything in his situation.
(d) That they will refuse.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Joe compare himself?

2. What does Joe reject as the nurse listens to his tapping?

3. How often do bath and bed changes occur in relationship to nurse's visits?

4. What does Joe think the hospital wants to do?

5. How does he feel about slaves shackled in Roman ships?

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