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The Bakery

A business in Los Angeles, California, it is shown cluttered and busy on the night shift when Joe Bonham works.

Cole Creek Valley, CO

A rural area across the mountains from Denver, Cole Creek Valley this is Macia Bonham's home while courting Bill Bonham and before moving to nearby Shale City, Colorado.

Jim O'Connell's Cigar Store

A bar before Colorado goes dry, it has a cool back room with pool tables and spittoons where the old men of Shale City discuss the war.

Los Angeles, CA

Joe Bonham's second home, after growing up in Shale City, Colorado, and graduating college there.

Midnight Mission

Home to the mostly illiterate men that the bakery hires to help with the Friday night rush, it is in Los Angeles, CA.

Nightmare Train

After being drugged to stop his head-tapping, Joe Bonham sees Christ approaching the train station, playing blackjack with...

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