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Book 1: Chapters 1-3

• Joe Bonham wishes someone would pick up the phone. He has a terrible headache and it has been ringing all night.

• Joe is called to come to the phone and finds out his father has died. He goes home.

• Father lies dead in the living room, and Mother is not crying much. Joe's sisters are huddled together in a corner.

• Joe has a last look and expresses sorrow for all his father's griefs.

• Mother shakes, declaring that is not Bill Bonham any more. That is all.
• Joe Bonham wonders why people are so inconsiderate. He is hung over but feels drugged.

• Father can die only once, so the phone must be part of a dream.

• Bonham remembers reading THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII and thinking a nearby Colorado mountain has blown up, trapping him in lava.

• He feels sweat all over beneath bandages that wrap...

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