Jesus Christ Superstar Character Descriptions

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Annas - This character is a high priest ready for action. His warning that Christ's half-witted fans will get out of control (a phrase that could as easily apply to rock fans as apostles) has the desired effect on Caiaphas, convincing him to arrange the killing of this new radical religious leader, as he did John the Baptist.

Caiaphas - This character is the High Priest of the Pharisees, or Jewish priests. He wants to get rid of Jesus, for fear that the Romans will punish all Jews for the ruckus caused by Christ's followers.

Jesus Christ - This character is as much a rock idol as he is a religious leader. He exudes peace, proclaims peace, lives peace, but is otherwise rather human, since he has human doubts.

Female Apostles - These characters dance with Simon in a frenzy of devotion, and also quietly serve...

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