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Short Answer Questions

1. In Story 8, what is the military woman at the tavern's marital status?

2. To what city do Michelle and John run off to?

3. Who does the wounded man in the Emergency Room in Story 6 accuse of injuring him?

4. Why does the narrator go to the Savoy Hotel in Story 7?

5. Around 3:30am, a guy with a _______ in his ________ comes into the hospital in Story 6.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the only female in Story 7 that is given a name? Why is she the only one the narrator names?

2. Discuss the significance of the two men at the hospital the narrator sees in Story 8.

3. Briefly describe the "second man" in Story 8.

4. Briefly discuss the three train rides the narrator recalls in Story 7.

5. In what way is the large horse pill the narrator receives in Story 9 a prize for the narrator?

6. How did Bill receive his bullet holes? How do these bullet holes haunt Bill?

7. Discuss the importance of Terrence's knife in Story 6.

8. Where does the action of the second part of Story 8 take place? Describe this location.

9. Discuss the irony behind Bill seeing the victims of a car crash as "just meat."

10. Who does the term "other man" refer to in Story 8.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the ending of Jesus' Son. Explain precisely how and why the ending appropriately or inappropriately concludes the book.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay that explains the symbolic value of the broken brakes on the narrator's car, as referred to in Story 2: "Two Men" and Story 4: "Dundun." What actions, circumstances, and attitudes not only in those two stories but in the collection as a whole are represented?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Story 1 of Jesus' Son. Explain how this opening story introduces some of the major themes found within the book.

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